4 Effective Marketing Strategies that Work Offline

Marketing should not be entirely behind a screen.

Countless social media platforms provide methods to grow your brand and business without ever having to set foot outside. Offline marketing, however, has the potential to bring in a wide base of customers from a range of backgrounds and interests that online marketing might limit. Brushing up on offline marketing strategies could be the difference between stagnant and consistent growth.

Effective Offline Strategies

1. Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows are a simple but effective way to make some contacts—both business and customer. Trade shows give you an opportunity to show your brand, product, or ideas in a relaxed setting, where most people are eager to make contacts, find exciting new products and brands, and create meaningful connections.

The connections you make at a trade show can help you down the road. If you are a branding company, for instance, you might encounter a jewelry start-up experiencing difficulty creating a cohesive store design. If you are a producer, you might encounter a design team whose talents fit your desired aesthetic.

2. Encouraging Word of Mouth

When you encounter customers or clients, encourage them to give you a review. You can offer incentives, such as offering a discount to any friend they refer to you or providing them with a discount if they refer anyone to you. Word of mouth is a powerful resource and can make or break a company.

Offline, word of mouth is best encouraged by providing outstanding services or products. If you go above and beyond to make your clients and customers happy, they will be happy to recommend you.

3. Meeting Your Customers

Take to the streets! Instead of focusing entirely on building an online brand via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, get out in your community and make your company known. If your services are primarily web-based, have a business card and concise portfolio on hand. If you produce material goods, always carry a sample with you. The best marketing opportunities often come from conversations you have while out and about. Be prepared for these instances by always having a means of promoting your service or product. You never know when you’ll meet your next client.

4. Accepting Speaking Offers

When you are offered the opportunity to speak about your brand or your product, take it! These offers might be small, such as teaching a class on art at your local community center. Fortunately, speaking or teaching gives you a unique opportunity to not only promote yourself or your business but to also demonstrate your authority on the subject.

If you are giving a lecture about the importance of creating a strong, unique brand identity at a local community college, you are promoting your services while demonstrating your acumen on the subject. If you provide a class on making leather goods at a craft store, you are both teaching a skill and demonstrating your own proficiency. Speaking and coaching are both powerful—if indirect—ways to demonstrate your unique abilities and recommend yourself to clients.

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