Boss vs Leader – Which One Are You?

You’ve just landed the manager position. Now what? Leading a team is difficult even if it fall naturally to you. So how do you become the manager everyone praises instead of the one everyone dislikes? Here is a list that can help you.

Don’t delegate

Don’t ask your employees to do what you are not willing to do yourself. Delegating one too
many boring tasks that you don’t want to do yourself to your team will hurt the respect they have for you and the overall morale.

Don’t feel like you are above your team

A leader is a part of the team, working towards the goals of the company. A boss is someone who puts his interests first and considers his time more valuable than the time of his employees.

Don’t micromanage people

The difference between a leader and a boss is leadership vs supervision. A leader encourages her team to learn, make mistakes and improve over time, while a boss is working under the consumption that the employees need to be supervised in order to do their jobs.

Don’t exclude the team from making decisions

One of the best ways to show that you trust and respect your team is to bring them into the decision-making process and actually acknowledge their contributions. A boss, on the other hand, tries to lead their team based on fear and exclusion.

Don’t be afraid to deliver bad news

Bad things happen, especially in the start-ups world. A boss would try to avoid telling the bad news or being vague about it, depriving the company of an opportunity to grow. Be the kind of leader who is not afraid to deliver the bad news to the team and move on to what can be improved the next time.

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