Success Isn’t Necessarily a Virtue… and Failing Isn’t Always a Failure

Success and failure are so much more than numbers on a paper.

Failure is often seen as something to avoid at all costs, while success is seen as the ultimate goal to work toward, stopping at nothing until you achieve it. Success and failure are not so easily cut and dried, however, and the two can overlap and intermingle far more often than you might think.

Why Failure Is Crucial to Success

Failure is a part of life from the beginning. An infant has to learn how to walk from countless instances of getting to their feet, falling, and getting back up to try again. A child cannot successfully walk without failing to do so. In a similar vein, failure helps you learn the ins and outs of running a business.

This isn’t to say that no successful venture can exist without monumental failure; however, not all failure has to be monumental. You might fail to keep your timeline and lose customers, or you might fail to communicate effectively and lose out on a deal you’d been hoping for. These experiences teach you how to better manage your business and provide you with tools for success down the road.

Reframing Failure—and Success

Failure is certainly not something to actively seek, but it is not something to run away from, either. In your pursuit of success, make room for failure. Allow failures to keep you grounded in both business and your personal life, and to teach you how to run your venture better. Failure is a stepping stone, rather than a brick wall.

Success also needs a new framework. The absence of failure is not tantamount to success, after all; instead, success looks different for everyone. For some business owners, success might not mean a huge profit, but plenty of time to be home with their family. For others, success might require a 6-figure income and multiple vacation homes. Ultimately though, success is dependent on the goals you set. You succeed when you are in line with your goals and continually learning from setbacks.

Source: Entrepreneur, Success

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