Top 5 Apps For A Better You

Self Improvement has become everybody’s hobby these days, and there is no reason why you should fall behind. Take advantage of one of the most powerful tool humanity has at hand – technology – and get on the path towards a better you.

1. Calm

The benefits of meditation are countless. But don’t worry – you don’t have to become a Buddhist monk to enjoy them. The app Calm offers short guided meditations (most last around 10 to 15 minutes) paired with soothing voices and relaxing nature sounds. What distinguishes Calm from other apps is how approachable it makes meditation. The app encourages the users to embrace failing at meditation and keep trying.

Available for: Android, iOS
Price: Free version with limited access. From $4.99/month for full access.

2. SelfControl

We all know that the best way to get something done is to just do it, but it’s easier said than done. Internet access + poor self-discipline = wasted time. Here is where SelfControl comes in. It’s a simple desktop app that blocks your access to selected websites. You can edit the list yourself and add as many as you like. Then set the timer and get to work. The SelfControl app is designed so well, that even if you restart your computer, you still won’t be able to access the websites on your list. Trust me, I tried.

Available for: Mac
Price: Free

3. Moves

To say that Moves is only a step counting app would be a big understatement. It automatically records walking, biking, and running during your day and presents the data to you in a simple clean-cut format. All you need to do it to keep it in your pocket or bag. You can also manually add activities like work, socializing, and workout.

Available for: Android, iOS
Price: Free

4. Elevate

If you don’t get this app for the brain training benefits, just for the beautiful design alone. The premise is simple – every day the app prepares a few quick games to train your brain in math, spelling, writing etc. Each game takes only about a minute, and the whole training session will be done before you finished your morning coffee. The app also offers stats on your progress and performance to keep you motivated.

Available for: Android, iOS
Price: Free version with limited access. From $5/month for full access.

5. Hopper

An easy path to a better you? Vacation! (preferably without breaking the bank). Here is where Hopper comes in. All you need to do is choose where you want to go and when, and the app will find the best prices for you. This app works the best if you are flexible with your travel dates – it can find the cheapest time to fly.

Available for: Android, iOS
Price: Free 




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