How Social Media is Revolutionizing Business Communications

Without a doubt, the world of business has extremely changed with the usage of all modern technologies that are available today. It can be said that one of the most significant differences is with communications. There are even recent technologies such as the fax machine, that is now almost extinguished. Surely faxes are still sent and received, but most of the time they function as a computer system.

With this at the back of your mind, it is essential to stay in touch with our customers through the devices that they employ. Even though social media was not initially designed for business usage, one cannot ignore a large number of people who are using these platforms for all their marketing and communication objectives.

Although advertising on a social networking site is a choice, there are still more efficient ways to reach out to your clients using these social platforms. Let’s take a quick glance at four different methods in which online business communications through social networks are expanding in the business world:


When we connect with individuals through social outings, this offers them more of a human image. Businesses are often letting their employees blog or post on social sites, allowing them to seem more likable and sympathetic.

Dismiss the old days of trying to keep some unified image that showed a bright company appearance and let people see your employees just as they are…  people. This will also allow building confidence with your customers and will reach out to others with similar affairs.


Instead of publishing information about products or services, most companies are using social networking as a means to connect with their buyers. Their focus is geared towards the engagement with their customers instead of selling a product. Instead of setting a very low price of their newest item in the store, several are giving details on something that is more personal. Something they are passionate about, such as the photos of their new dog, their favorite non-for-profit, or a social affair such as helping the environment. This helps to build confidence with an individual who will in turn, be more likely to do business with you.


If New York is a city that doesn’t sleep, then Facebook and Twitter are the areas where your business should never be closed. People go to these platforms because they can engage with a situation on their terms and at a moment that converts best for them. Even if the answer is not immediate, they will still receive it, and the client can get the answer whenever they are free to.

Additionally, there is something named Earned Social Media. A thing where there are strategies in place to get people to divulge their information to others. It is not enough anymore to merely post something and expect something in return.

As computer technology takes over the market, there are more people who are turning to social networks for communications, instead of using something more ancient, such as a phone. But no matter how antique it is, businesses almost always have to be communicated with by phone. That being said, can the two be integrated in any way?

A United Communication System can allow you to integrate all social media with a call center that will offer customer service. It will also connect all the agents together with email and text messages. The future has arrived. Contemplate your choices for keeping in touch with your customers.


Being part of a social media network is very similar to having your own broadcast network, without spending a lot on conventional advertising. Before it would take days or weeks for a client to share a positive or negative response involving a business affair, nowadays it only takes minutes to do it online.

This is a big positive for a company since it can respond quickly to any information and stay informed with its clients. This way you can recognize a praise or solve a problem in a quick and efficient manner. If a problem occurs, you can fix the situation and make it public that you are handling the difficulty.


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