Top Apps for Your Company’s In-House Communication

The way we communicate has come a long way since the ancient scratches and drawings on cave walls. The modern world of work is flexible and ever-changing, with responsive solutions required to solve contemporary problems. Yet despite the need for changing work circumstances, the ‘2016 Digital Workplace Communications Survey’ conducted a research on over 250 companies, it concluded that almost half of all employees (48%) advocated for a change in their company’s digital workplace communications. Here a list of the top apps to implement to boost employee engagement and communication.

Good communication not only enhances employees’ spirit but it also guarantees straightforwardness, influencing every employee to work toward a shared objective.

A number of applications have been developed in the market to keep employees connected at any location at any time. These new-age applications are a great substitute in today’s changing scenario; they assist in all business communication needs. With these apps, a manager can enter into dialogues with their employees from anywhere at any time.

Let’s have at four in-house communication apps that are changing the way business communication is done:


Teamchat is a messaging app for organizations that allows messaging among teams of any size by structuring the communications to diminish disorder. It’s done through ‘smart’ messages that combine, organize and make a short summary of the replies, update them without adding new messages to the conversation stream.

For example, if an employee desires to include polls, surveys, reports, registrations, etc., he/she can employ this app. It includes custom-made workflows and smart forms that summarizes the responses, allowing important messages to stand out. At the moment, Teamchat offers the basic service free of charge.


Non-synchronous emails or chat-based communications is not the best way to go in a modern work situation. Global agile teams have a necessity for effective coordination and effortless function. This app was launched in 2014 by Bhavin Turakhia, the messages and the coordinated platform has particular channels for private and open discussions. It also creates to-do lists for different project groups and shares documents. The application supports various languages, including English, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. It works with Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Web. It additionally gives consistent changeover from Slack.


HipChat is an app for internal private chat and instant message service. Apart from single and group chat features, it offers cloud file storage, video calls, message history and image saving and view options. The app is available on many web platforms as well as on mobile ones on Windows, Mac or Linux, Android, and iOS. HipChat, which started in 2014 (by Chris River, Garret Heaton, and Pete Curley), make use of the freemium model, enabling most services to be free. It also has its own features requesting companies to subscribe on a monthly basis.


Redbooth (formerly known as Teambox) was launched in 2008. It is a web-affiliate and on premises, workplace cooperation tool and communication app. The platform provides a single window for tasks distributed across people, discussions, and data file exchanges. Thus, it helps team members keep track of their work. Redbooth is offered on various platforms like Android, iOS, web, and desktop.


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