Social Media for Business: Pinterest and Instagram 101

With such a high percentage of people utilizing social media—Pew Research report 70%—companies cannot allow themselves not to utilize them to their advantage by interacting with customers. It doesn’t mean that a business should be involved with all social media channels, but to invest in the ones where you are most likely to reach and socialize with your target audience.

In order to make usage of the best social media platforms for your business, you will need to familiarize yourself with each channel, how it works, and which demographic is using it. The following are some basic knowledge on popular social media platforms: Pinterest and Instagram.


This visually oriented platform allows users to save and present content by “pinning” digital message boards that can be organized by categories. For example, an individual may have a food board dedicated to pinning recipes, a second panel dedicated to yoga, and so on. The platform also has some special styles of pins called Rich Pins, which brands can use to add special information to their pins, such as product details, and map locations.

Each pin contains an image or video, and there is fairly low maintenance (just as Facebook) regarding post frequency. However, keeping your boards organized and search-friendly can take a long time. Pinterest is also a niche channel, much more than Facebook and Twitter, so it may not be best for everyone. There are popular sections on the site, those are: DIY projects, exercise, beauty, fashion, photography, and food. This does not mean that companies outside these categories cannot succeed on the social channel but makes Pinterest a particularly good marketing tool for companies in these fields.


Just like Pinterest, Instagram is a visible social media platform that is based exclusively on photos and videos. This Facebook-owned platform has more than 700 million active users, many of these are posting about travel, food, art, fashion and comparable topics. Instagram features unique filters and photo and video editing options. It’s essential to note that this channel is almost completely mobile: you cannot record photos or create new posts on a desktop version.

It is mostly art related markets that usually outshines on Instagram, and perhaps not the best for your business, depending on your industry. However, it’s important that the person managing your account has a good look at the details and has at least basic photo skills, so photos and videos that are posted on your account are of high quality.

Do not become disheartened if your business is underpinned on Instagram, if you find the right hashtags to publish stimulating photos, you will most likely succeed.

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