Social Media for Business: Snapchat and YouTube 101

The Pew Research Center reported in their Social Media Fact Sheet that 70 percent of the population utilizes social media. With this fact, we realize that it is crucial for businesses to utilize these platforms in order to interact with their customers.

While it is important to advertise your business on social media channels, it is especially essential to choose the right one for your business model.

Familiarize yourself with each platform to choose the best social media platform to interact with your clients; figure out how each network runs and what demographics use it.

Here is some basic knowledge of two of the most popular social media platforms that you need to know.


Snapchat is an additional mobile-only visual social network that is known for its vanishing content (24 hours). There are 150 million+ apps users that can upload videos and photos, available for up to 10 seconds at a time, sharing or posting content in their public stories that disappear after 24 hours. For the past five years, the application has been grown to chat, messaging, an image storing, and media content. Today, the content can be effortlessly saved and transferred elsewhere.

Since posts are temporary, there is less pressure to create perfectly polished content (as it is done with Instagram). You can also see how many people viewed your story. A small company will generally use the platform for its stories, but remember that only users who have added you can view the content of the story. Nevertheless, once you have a public, the story feature lets you easily create stories and interactive content.


YouTube is basically a video sharing channel with more than billion users, where users can view, upload, evaluate, share, and comment on all the content. The Google-owned website is huge news and an entertainment center.

Made more than ten years ago, YouTube has gone through many changes. For example, users can now make money from Google AdSense, where revenue depends on the number of views on the video.

Normally, the companies on YouTube have a creative, a visual or an educational element to them. This media channel is highly inspired by creativity, so it’s imperative to have a custom video content editor. However, your business does not need a channel in order to sell on the platform. There is a vlogger subculture named YouTube users who distribute recurrent videos and regularly sustain a large audience. Businesses often associate themselves with YouTube users for product placement since these users are already having a very engaged public.

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