Technology Leaker Releases Valve Assets From Repository


Leaker Releases Valve Assets From Repository

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Game Rant: A Discord user has just released various development assets from Valve’s repository. It is not an isolated case as Valve is a constant target of hackers and the like. There have been multiple instances wherein concept images or artwork randomly surface on the internet. Valve is a globally recognized company whose games such as Half-Life, Portal, and Team Fortress have grown its large fan base. Its games go through a lengthy development process, which is the reason hundreds to thousands of documents, photos, and such are accumulated during this period. Only a limited number of staff with a Source developer license would have had access to the repository. As such, the files might have been more secure if access was limited.

Twitter user sylvia_braixen stated that one of the biggest Valve data breaches had just occurred. Not long after, they shared screenshots showing the various drops made onto a Discord server. They believe that the files were from the same wave of uploads that users got a taste of as early as 2016. According to the screenshots, the uploads were done by a user named Leakerwanderer, who had access to the Valve repository. Titles such as Half-Life and Team Fortress 2 are no strangers to leaks, and they were among those that had its assets shown this time as well.

Currently, the documents are accessible via a Discord server named Valve Cut Content. However, upon checking, the server is not accepting new members because of the recent flood of users who have tried to check out the files. With the gravity of the leak, people are left wondering if this data breach is a targeted attack, especially since a recent Valve prototype of Left 4 Dead surfaced online just a few days before. It seems that may have served as a precursor to this bigger repository leak.

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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