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The Four Human Insights Every Marketing Research Professional Must Know to Solve Any Business Challenge

In the fast-paced world of marketing, understanding human behavior is like holding the key to a treasure trove of brand growth opportunities. As marketing research professionals, you’re already equipped with a unique advantage – your daily interactions with the intricate nuances of human behavior. But it’s time to elevate your role from brand strategist to behavioral designer. Imagine wielding the power to shape strategies and mold customer behavior. Welcome to the realm of unlocking brand value through behavioral psychology and design.


Optimizing Research Strategies with Behavioral Science

This video below delves into the four behavioral insights needed to solve almost any brand growth challenge.  These behavioral insights will help you increase brand penetration and product trial, elevate repeat purchases, amplify frequency, revive lapsed users, and more.  This isn’t just about insights; it’s about transforming your role into a brand growth catalyst.

Insight #1: Understanding Customer Goals for Brand Penetration and Product Trial:

The first critical insight involves peering into the minds of your customers to uncover their goals. What drives them to try a new product or engage with your brand? By unraveling their functional and aspirational goals, you can strategically capture and maintain attention on your messaging and increase brand penetration and product trial.  This insight isn’t just about understanding their needs or their “job to be done.”  It’s also identifying what they aspire to achieve and making your brand an enabler along their journey.

Insight #2: Discovering the Motivators That Drive Repeat Purchases and Bring Back Lapsed Users:

Repeat purchases are the backbone of brand success. This second insight revolves around comprehending what motivates your customers to return for more. Dive deep into their emotional motivations and your brand’s unique role in giving them the fuel to act.  With this knowledge, you can tailor experiences and communications that foster enduring connections. This isn’t just about transactions; it’s about building relationships that breed a renewed interest in your brand, amplifying repeat purchases, and rekindling the interest of lapsed users.

Insight #3: Decoding Customer Regulatory Approach for Enhanced Value Perceptions:

Have you ever wondered why some customers meticulously plan their shopping trips while others take a more spontaneous approach? The third insight revolves around identifying your customers’ regulatory approach. This psychological framework guides how they intuitively navigate decisions, affecting their basket ring and overall value perceptions. By understanding this approach, you can frame your offerings and marketing strategies to align with their preferred decision-making approach, nudging them toward more significant purchases and even elevating their perception of value.

Insight #4: Harnessing Cognitive Heuristics for Impulsive Purchases:

The final insight takes you deep into cognitive heuristics – those subconscious mental shortcuts we all take when making decisions. By tapping into these psychological tendencies, you can ignite a spark of impulsivity in your customers. This translates to more items per purchase, driving up the average transaction value. Uncover how scarcity, social proof, and anchoring influence buying behavior, and learn how to weave them into your strategies for strategic impact.

Transforming Insights into Action:

As marketing research professionals, you’re uniquely poised to shape the future of your brand’s growth. By embracing behavioral research and weaving these four insights into your research studies, you’ll have what you need to drive brand penetration, repeat purchases, and almost any other growth challenge.

Watch the video now and unlock the potential to grow brand value like never before.

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