Sales Lemlist Review 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features


Lemlist Review 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Lemlist Review 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Do you know what makes Lemlist one of the best cold email software? 

Well, it’s the multi-channel sequence builder, advanced personalization capabilities, and AI-powered features.

But is Lemlist worth the hype? 

In this blog, I have shared my unbiased Lemlist review of its features, pricing plans, and pros & cons in detail, after using the tool for 14 days. I have also shared user reviews from G2 to help you understand how it is helping them to overcome their challenges!

With this review, I aim to help you decide whether Lemlist is the right cold email software for you or if you need to look for alternatives.

Let’s get started!

Lemlist Review: Table of Contents

The Ultimate Cold Email Software Comparison 

Before reviewing Lemlist in-depth, let’s make an ultimate cold email software comparison between Lemlist and two of the best Lemlist alternatives, Saleshandy and QuickMail. 

Comparisons Lemlist Saleshandy QuickMail Winner
Pricing (Starts At) $32/mo $25/mo $49/mo Saleshandy
Free Trial 14 Days 7 Days 14 Days Lemlist & QuickMail
G2 User Ratings 4.4/5 ⭐ (240+ reviews) 4.6/5 ⭐ (590+ reviews) 4.6/5 ⭐ (75+ reviews) Saleshandy
Email Accounts The highest-paid plan allows 15 sending emails per user Unlimited email accounts (in all pricing plans) The highest-paid plan allows 50 sending emails per user Saleshandy
Personalization All
Auto-Follow Up All
Deliverability Tool Lemwarm (Not included in the basic plan) TrulyInbox (In all pricing plans) MailFlow (In all pricing plans) Saleshandy & QuickMail
Inbox Rotation Not included in the starter plan For all pricing plans For all pricing plans Saleshandy & QuickMail
Native Integrations – Salesforce
– Pipedrive
– Salesforce
– Pipedrive
– HubSpot
– Zoho
– Pipedrive
– HubSpot
Customer Support Good Best Good Saleshandy

Lemlist Review- Top Features  

In this section, we will review the top features of Lemlist. 

1. Multi-Channel Prospecting

 This is one of the standout features of Lemlist.

It automates email and LinkedIn outreach steps like sending invitations, messages, and viewing profiles; hence, you can reach out to your prospects via two major lead acquisition channels.

Moreover, if you want to increase your reply rate by reaching out to your prospects through calls or other channels, you can manually add those steps to your sequences.

Lemlist review of multichannel feature

Note: To access Lemlist’s multichannel capabilities, you must purchase its Multichannel Expert pricing plan, which is $99/month/user. If you buy either of the lower pricing plans, you cannot use Lemlist’s multi-channel capabilities.

2. Sequence Builder

One of the coolest features of Lemlist is its sequence builder. 

With Lemlist’s sequence builder, you can create drip campaigns and customize your outreach strategy. 

You can either choose from various steps, such as sending a cold email first, making a cold call, or sending a LinkedIn invite to create the sequence or the sequences can also be customized based on the following triggers:

Lemlist review of sequence builder

Triggers related to lead information:

  • Has email address
  • Has LinkedIn URL
  • Other relevant data, etc. 

Triggers based on lead actions:

  • Clicked on a link in an email
  • Booked a meeting
  • Opened an email, etc. 
Lemlist review of sequence builder

Moreover, if you don’t want to build your sequence manually, Lemlist allows you to create your campaigns in two ways:

  • AI Prompt – Just give a prompt with your requirements in detail to Lemlist’s AI and watch it create your entire outreach campaign.

Recommended Read: Discover how to create cold email campaigns with AI in just 12 minutes! Read our latest blog to copy the prompts that helped us close 10X more deals.

  • Duplicate Campaigns – You can duplicate your high-performing campaigns or use Lemlist’s template hub to tailor them to your strategy.

3. Personalization 

With Lemlist’s personalization feature, you can add custom variables to your campaigns to personalize your prospect’s first name, company name, icebreaker, LinkedIn URL, etc. You can also add landing pages, images, and videos and customize them according to your brand guidelines.

Apart from this, you can also add liquid syntax, an open-source templating language that uses HTML to generate emails with variations dynamically.

This is how liquid syntax looks: {% assign now = “now” | date: “%H” %}{% if now < 12 %}Good Morning!{% elsif now < 18 %}Good Afternoon!{% else %}Good evening!{% endif %}

Lemlist review of personalization feature

What did I love about Lemlist’s personalization feature? You can generate icebreakers with the help of AI by simply adding your prospect’s LinkedIn URL. Lemlist’s generative AI will automatically extract important information from your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and create personalized triggers which you can add directly into your emails.

All these features let you highly personalize your emails, boosting your engagement rates.

4. Integrations 

The extensive integrations offered by Lemlist allow you to connect your favorite productivity tools to boost your prospecting and outreach efforts.

Lemlist offers 3 native integrations with popular CRMs- Salesforce, Pipedrive, and HubSpot. Additionally, it provides 8 data enrichment and 33 workflow management tools.

Lemlist review of integrations

In addition to offering integrations with other tools, Lemlist also provides a Chrome extension that allows you to gather LinkedIn leads and directly import them into your CRM.

5. B2B Database

Lemlist also features an AI-powered B2B database of 450M+ contacts. To find highly relevant leads, you can use their detailed search filters, which are divided into 4 categories:

Lemlist B2B Database
  • General: Not already in a campaign, Current job title, Country, Keyword in profile, etc.
  • Signals & Intent: Current company size growth (3m), Current company is hiring, Current company technologies, etc.
  • Company information: Size, name, founding year, type, etc.
  • Contact information: Full Name, City/State, Interests, etc.

Moreover, in addition to using it as a separate tool, you can also use the lead finder directly in your sequence to add prospects and launch your campaigns.

6. Analytics & Reporting 

Lemlist’s analytical and reporting features are robust and give a detailed overview of key metrics, such as lead actions, campaign, and channel-specific insights, that you can track to optimize your outreach strategy.

Lemlist dashboard review

Lemlist’s reports feature is available in 3 parts:

  • Overview: This is a master customizable dashboard that gives you a detailed overview of your lead funnel and lead funnel by campaigns and allows you to add/edit widgets according to your requirements.
  • Campaign: The campaign dashboard allows you to analyze the performance of your campaigns per sequence and track essential metrics like opens, clicks, accepted invitations, reply rates, and more.
  • Health: The health section allows you to monitor the health of your emails, LinkedIn accounts, email tests, and DNS checks.

What I like about Lemlist’s dashboards is that they are customizable and detailed. You can add, remove, or share elements in your dashboard according to your outreach strategy.

Is Lemlist worth your money? 

Now that you know all the best features of Lemlist, consider the pros and cons to determine if it’s worth your investment.

Here are the pros and cons you should consider when buying Lemlist:

Pros and cons of Lemlist

What Do Users Have to Say About Lemlist? 

 Curious to know how users feel about using Lemlist? Before selecting any software, it’s crucial to hear from real users and learn which features are helping them and what challenges they have encountered.

Here’s where Lemlist has excelled and failed to meet user expectations:

1. Great Customer Support but Limitations in Adding Email Accounts: 

Lemlist user review

Source: G2

What’s Good: Lemlist users are really happy with the customer support. Many users have given positive feedback on how kind and fast their customer support team is.

What’s Bad: Lemlist users are unhappy that it doesn’t allow them to connect unlimited email addresses. With its highest-paid pricing plan, you can add ONLY 15 email addresses, significantly limiting the scalability of your cold email campaigns.

2. Easy-to-Set Up Campaigns, But Data Volume in Lead Finder is Limited

Lemlist user review

Source: G2

  • What’s Good: G2 users have really appreciated that Lemlist is easy to use and set up campaigns with.
  • What’s Bad: Lemlist users have complained that:
    • Their pricing is high compared to competitors, with fewer features offered for the cost. 
    • There’s limited access to the data, especially in the UK.  
    • The AI and Email validation credits are unclear and can increase the overall cost.

3. LinkedIn Extension is Great, but There’s a Learning Curve Involved in the Campaign Dashboard

Lemlist user review

Source: G2

What’s Good: G2 users really appreciate Lemlist’s LinkedIn extension, which allows them to find email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles.

What’s Bad: Many users, including me, found it difficult to understand the reporting functionality of Lemlist’s dashboard. This is true to some extent because someone new to cold emailing might feel overwhelmed by all the customizable features provided by Lemlist.

Lemlist’s Pricing Plan’s Breakdown 

Lemlist has a four-tiered pricing structure: Email Starter, Email Pro, Multichannel Expert, and Outreach Scale, billed Monthly, Quarterly, and annually. The platform also offers a 14-day free trial. 

Here is a breakdown of the Lemlist’s pricing: 

Lemlist pricing plan

1. Email Starter: $39/mo/user/1 sending email

Best For: This is the perfect plan for individuals or startups looking to start cold emailing campaigns. 

Features Included in This Plan: 

  • Send unlimited campaigns
  • Customizable email campaigns
  • Email finder + verifier (250 credits/mo)
  • 450M+ leads database
  • AI-generated sequence
  • Custom text variable personalization
  • Push leads from LinkedIn into Lemlist with the lemlist Chrome Extension
  • Custom reports & analytics
  • In-app support by chat or email
  • Personalized booking page lemcal Starter

2. Email Pro: $69/ mo/user /3 sending email

Best For: It is great for small to midsize businesses that are looking to access more advanced cold email features.

Features Included in This Plan: 

  • Everything in Email Starter
  • Email finder + verifier (500 credits/mo)
  • Email warm-up and deliverability
  • Booster lemwarm for free
  • CRM integrations (Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce)
  • Custom image personalization
  • Campaign A/B tests
  • Inbox rotation
  • Custom liquid syntax personalization
  • API Access
  • Zapier

3. Multichannel Expert: $99/mo/user/5 sending email

Best For: Agencies and individuals who want to reach out to their prospects through multiple channels like emails, LinkedIn, and calls.

Features Included in This Plan: 

  • Everything in Email Pro
  • Email finder + verifier (750 credits/mo)
  • Linkedin prospection
  • LinkedIn voice notes
  • Cold calling prospecting with Aircall
  • Advanced campaign conditions
  • Custom landing page
  • Premium support chat

4. Outreach Scale: $159/mo/user/15 sending email

Best For: Large teams that want to scale their multichannel outreach campaigns.

Features Included in This Plan: 

  • Everything in Multichannel Expert
  • Email finder + verifier (1,000 credits/mo)
  • Dedicated account manager (4+ seats)

Customized Pricing Plans:

Lemlist offers customized pricing plans for teams with 10+ users and outbound agencies.


Email Finder & Verifier:

If you want to buy extra credits for email finding and verification, you can purchase it as an add-on. It is priced on a scale from 0-5000. For instance, if you choose 2,500 on the scale, you will get:

  • 1,250 LinkedIn enrichments (2 credits/lead)
  • 2,500 Verify existing emails (1 credit/email)
  • 500 Find verified emails (5 credits/email found)

Total Charges: $25.00 

Choose the Best Alternative to Lemlist – Saleshandy 

Saleshandy is an all-in-one cold email software that allows you to automate your cold email campaigns with unlimited email accounts and high deliverability rates to scale and increase your conversion rates.

With these capabilities, Saleshandy is one of the best alternatives to Lemlist.

I have compared Lemlist and Saleshandy based on the following criteria (these criteria are also necessary to evaluate the best cold email tool): 

1. Scalability 

Saleshandy: Saleshandy allows you to connect unlimited email addresses for just $25/mo. Moreover, you can also add secondary domains with different name variations. 

Hence, Saleshandy proves to be the most effective cold email software for teams that want to scale their outreach efforts. 

Add unlimited email address in Saleshandy

Lemlist: Lemlist has a per-user pricing model. Even with its highest-paid pricing plan, $129/mo/user, you can connect only 15 emails, which is not ideal for individuals or teams who want to scale their cold email outreach efforts. 

Moreover, in Lemlist, you cannot add email addresses with different names; all the secondary domains must come from the same person. 

Lemlist add emails

Source: Lemlist’s Help Centre 

2. Advanced Email Deliverability Features

Saleshandy: This is not the case with Saleshandy! Saleshandy has collaborated with TrulyInbox for email warm-up functionality, available for FREE in all its pricing plans and inbox rotation.

Apart from offering these features, Saleshandy has an advanced email deliverability feature: Sequence Score. With this feature, you can predict the success of your overall sequence and get suggestions to improve its impact, ensuring you land in your prospects’ inboxes.

Lemlist: To provide email deliverability functionality, Lemlist offers another tool called Lemwarm and an inbox rotation feature. However, neither of these features is available in its basic plan; you must buy its Email Pro plan or above to access these features.

3. Unified Inbox 

Saleshandy: Unified Inbox feature by Saleshandy enables you to track conversations from all your prospects on a single platform, saving the time you would otherwise spend switching between mailboxes to read replies. 

Moreover, by viewing all replies on one platform, you can more effectively prioritize and analyze essential deals. 

Lemlist: Lemlist doesn’t have a feature that allows you to consolidate all your prospect’s replies in one place.

4. Agency-focused Features

Saleshandy: It has a built-in agency portal that allows lead generation, outbound sales, and other agencies to add and manage unlimited clients from a single dashboard. Additionally, you can add unlimited team members to your agency portal to enhance collaboration and provide personalized attention to all your clients.

Lemlist: Whereas Lemlist does not include agency-focused features; however, its pricing plan page mentions that it offers customized plans for outbound agencies.

5. Multivariate Testing

Saleshandy: Saleshandy offers an A-Z testing feature that allows you to test up to 26 cold email sequences to analyze your campaigns’ performance and optimize your efforts to boost conversions.   

Lemlist: With Lemlist, you can only A/B test your sequences, which means you can only test up to 2 variations in a sequence. This can disappoint you if you want to test different variations and determine what has brought maximum results. 

Is Lemlist the Best Cold Email Software for You? 

Lemlist is a great cold email tool that allows you to create multichannel sequences with the help of AI and add personalized elements like dynamic texts, landing pages, images, and videos to your emails.

However, Lemlist has some potential drawbacks:

  • You cannot connect unlimited email accounts.
  • The per-user pricing model can get expensive as your team grows.
  • The B2B database has a limited volume of contacts.
  • There are no agency-focused features.
  • It lacks advanced email deliverability features.
  • You cannot do multi-variant testing.
  • The platform is buggy.

Therefore, for those who want to run scalable cold email campaigns while accessing advanced cold emailing features at cost-effective prices, Saleshandy is the best choice.


1. How Many Emails Can I Send with Lemlist?

With Lemlist, you can send emails according to ESP limits. For instance, if you buy Lemlist’s Email Pro pricing plan at $55/month per user, you can connect 3 sending email accounts. Assuming you connect Google Workspace accounts, which allow 2,000 emails per account, you can send 6,000 emails daily or up to 180,000 emails monthly. (3 accounts x 2,000 emails = 6,000 per day, up to 180,000 per month (6,000 x 30 days).

2. Is Lemlist Suitable for Large Teams?

Lemlist can be suitable for large teams, but only if you have a big budget. Lemlist’s highest-paid pricing plan, at $129/month, allows you to add 15 email accounts. If you want to add more email accounts, the cost can quickly escalate and become too expensive. In contrast, cold email software like Saleshandy allows you to connect unlimited email accounts starting from their basic plan at $25/month. 

3. Is There a Free Version of Lemlist?

No, there is no free version of Lemlist. However, it offers a 14-day free trial during which you can access all the basic features. You must sign up for a paid plan to try the advanced features.

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