Burger King Is Exchanging Free Whoppers For ‘Hamburger’ Menu Sightings

Burger King Is Exchanging Free Whoppers For ‘Hamburger’ Menu Sightings

Burger King Is Exchanging Free Whoppers For ‘Hamburger’ Menu Sightings

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Image courtesy of Burger King Chile

If, like most others awaiting the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’ve been staring at your computer or phone screen all day, a free Whopper might have been under your nose this entire time.

Burger King is claiming its throne in most (online) menus with an amusing campaign that you’ll be seeing everywhere right after this. The initiative, produced by Burger King Chile and advertising agency Wolf BCPP in Santiago, offers a real flame-grilled Whopper in exchange for the ever-present digital hamburger found all over the internet—seriously, if you’re reading this article from your desktop browser, glance over at the top right and you’ll see it. It’s a simple button with three horizontal lines not unlike two burger buns with a patty in the middle.

Now that people aren’t heading out as often, the chain is worried that the button is perhaps “the only burger you have seen since the quarantine started.”

All customers in Chile have to do is take a screenshot of any hamburger menu icon and send the image to Burger King Chile’s Instagram account in exchange for a free Whopper, complete with free delivery.

After making customers solve tricky riddles and the like, it seems that this deal is the easiest way to score a free Whopper—and yet, it might be the one that gets away.

[via Burger King Chile]

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