Burger King’s Pride Tribute Baffles For Possibly Going A Whopper Overboard

Image via Burger King Mexico

The King expected a “Yass, queen,” but instead received blank stares for its Pride campaign.

To celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, Burger King Mexico updated the logo on its social media channels to read, “Burger Queer,” an interesting Pride month spin in a sea of rainbow adverts.

According to In The Know, orders of “Burger Queer” would also arrive with a cardboard crown.

While some customers applauded the fast-food chain for standing up for the community, others were perturbed by the creative direction of the campaign and wondered why it couldn’t have just used “Burger Queen.”

A number of social media users questioned if this was a new take on riding on the coattails of Pride month, and pointed out the irony in Facebook suggesting it was a “temporary profile picture.”

“Probably just a phase,” one user remarked.

Image via Burger King Mexico

the « temporary » is sending me

— monae 🧜🏽‍♀️ (@monaex_) June 27, 2020

they said the chicken fries are non-binary

— ✰ (@BREETHETRNDSTTR) June 27, 2020

One Caesar Pan Salad

— ADLNOR DEST (@OriginalRonDest) June 27, 2020

Lemme get an oreo cookies n queer milkshake

— Kai All BLM✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 (@the_gurl_kai) June 27, 2020

Similar lazy marketing energy pic.twitter.com/zQ3xqIXMKK

— Lawrence of Eregion (@count_bezhu) June 27, 2020

Probably just a phase…

— 👁👅👁 (@arthur_quoise) June 28, 2020

i fixed it for them pic.twitter.com/H9N1frmmHe

— Lee Clayton 🌹 (@TheLeeClayton) June 28, 2020

[via In The Know, images via Burger King Mexico]