Charlize Theron Says People Have Been Pronouncing Her Name Wrongly All Along

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It turns out that most fans have been pronouncing Charlize Theron’s name wrongly.

The actress finally decided to clear things up during an appearance on The One Show. Theron was asked by host Gethin Jones if fans should put emphasis on the first or second syllable of her name, and she

revealed that it was neither.

“The truth of the matter is those are not even remotely close to the real pronunciation,” she laughed. She shared that her last name is actually enunciated more like the word “throne,” with a slight roll of the “r” instead of “Therrone.”

“It’s actually French,” she clarified. “It’s a French name, but in South Africa, if you are Afrikaans-speaking, you would say ‘Thron,’ and if you were English-speaking you would say ‘Therrone’.”

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