Influencer Suffers Backlash For ‘Inappropriate’ Squats Near Religious Ceremony

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An influencer has sparked outrage after filming a fitness workout near a religious ceremony.

In the footage, the blonde lady was spotted doing squats in a one-piece swimsuit while her friend filmed from the back. Both women appeared rather unconcerned about the nearby group of Balinese people, who were dressed in traditional clothing and seemed to be preparing for a ritual. The video was believed to have been recorded at a beach in Canggu, Bali.

NZ Herald reported that that the Balinese women were preparing for a ritual called Canang Sari, a daily offering by Balinese Hindus to thank “The Divine Order” Sang Widhi Wasa.

Social media users were unhappy seeing the tourists being disrespectful to the locals, and branded the two as “ignorant.”

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[via Independent, opening image via Shutterstock]