Power of Storytelling | An update on @Blackmainlinespeaks

Power of Storytelling | An update on @Blackmainlinespeaks

Power of Storytelling | An update on @Blackmainlinespeaks

If you saw this post, it most likely stuck with you. As @blackmainlinespeaks gained traction on Instagram, it received coverage from news outlets, both local and international. The account sought to expose racism lurking within private schools on the Main Line (and throughout Philadelphia) through personal stories of former (and sometimes current) students. These testimonies not only shone a light on the racism of these highly regarded institutions but collectively served as a rallying cry for change.

A demand for accountability.

The schools featured on the page have each responded to the posts on BMLS in their own way.

Check out the latest BMLS posts, from August 26th all the way into September. It begins with a collective Anti-Racism Accountability Survey that includes data for all of the schools on the page.

At the heart of the survey was this vital question:

Have Main Line schools done enough to ensure a safe learning environment for Black students?

Every survey thereafter, across 27 schools total, asks that same question. And the data gathered cements the truth:

All of these schools have a long, long way to go when it comes to fighting the racism embedded within their communities, cultures, and who they are. The entire BMLS space has served as a storytelling project aimed at motivating accountability and positive change. It’s one of the best examples of purpose-driven storytelling I’ve ever seen.

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