Verizon joins growing Facebook advertiser boycott [Updated]


Enlarge / The participating businesses have decided the best way to show “dislike” is to withhold money. (credit: GreyParrot | Getty Images)

Update: Late Thursday, Verizon joined the list of companies participating in the Facebook advertising boycott, becoming the first telecom firm and also the largest company by far to join in to date.

“We have strict content policies in place and have zero tolerance when they are breached, we take action,” Verizon said in a written statement. “We’re pausing our advertising until Facebook can create an acceptable solution that makes us comfortable.” The company also added that its withdrawal from Facebook was similar to the way it temporarily stopped advertising on YouTube in 2017 after its ads appeared next to extremist content on that platform.

Verizon made the choice to withdraw from Facebook and Instagram advertising after the Anti-Defamation League identified a Verizon ad “appearing next to a video from the conspiracy group QAnon drawing on hateful and antisemitic rhetoric,” CNBC reported.

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