Become A Smarter Investor With This $30 Trading Analysis Training


Becoming a professional trader requires more in-depth knowledge of the stock market than the average casual trader. However, once you’re armed with this knowledge, you’ll understand how to make a consistent profit from trading. 

If you want to make a serious living as a trader, why not learn from the best? The Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle might help. Its courses are taught by Travis Rose, a self-taught, full-time day trader, and investor who wants to help you avoid the same mistakes when he first started investing. This bundle normally costs $1,000, but Black Enterprise readers can get it for $30 with this special deal.

The Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle features five courses aimed at beginner investors. This entire bundle features seven hours of educational content spread across 136 lessons. They will teach you the best ways to trade and invest wisely in stocks, forex, and futures. 

The first course will teach you how to analyze candlestick chart patterns to predict price movements. A similar strategy you can learn when first starting involves analyzing Fibonacci indicators. These are covered in Fibonacci 101: Simplified Guide to Stock Trading with Fibonacci. These courses include many more pattern analysis techniques and come with practice quizzes. In addition, it has live market examples to teach you how to trade strategically. 

As with all professions, you need to learn the fundamentals of stock market analysis in order to be a successful trader. The Ultimate Candlestick Trading & Analysis Masterclass Bundle can teach you how, and it’s currently on sale for just $30, or 97% off.