Join Electric City 2021 To Network With Industry Experts & Accelerate Your Wind Power Business!


WindEurope is the voice of the wind energy industry, actively promoting wind power in Europe and worldwide. Various wind industry players, including wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, research institutes, national wind and renewables associations, developers, contractors, electricity providers, finance and insurance companies, and consultants, participate in WindEurope’s activities.

The wind industry is set to become a vital industry for Europe’s energy mix to become fully renewable. The Electric City event provides the opportunity to build this energy future by offering emerging wind energy innovators with the foundational support and platforms for growth.

Welcome To Electric City!

Electric City is 2021’s largest on- and off-shore wind event in Europe. 10,000 participants will be gathering for this conference and exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark, from April 27 – 29, 2021.

This event is all about innovation and new ways forward: new ideas, new partnerships, and new business models between wind and other industries. Startups are poised to play a starring role at Electric City as a new world requires new thinking and fresh ideas.

The Innovation Park

Located at the heart of the exhibition floor of Electric City, the Innovation Park is an ideal place to profile your organization, meet other innovators, and showcase your vision with the entire value chain of the wind industry and its energy partners.

Electric City 2021 features the Innovation Park, a special area on the exhibition floor exclusively dedicated to showcasing new ideas and products from emerging energy innovators. Global participants at the Innovation Park will have their own dedicated exhibition space to showcase slides, provide information, and distribute flyers or reports on their projects. Participants are also guaranteed a speaking slot on the stage to pitch their innovation to global decision-makers.

Why you should showcase your solution at the Innovation Park:

  • Get the right kind of exposure & visibility
  • Benefit from a dedicated page on the event website
  • Profit from social media coverage before & during the event
  • Reach out to a large & diverse audience that’s relevant for you
  • Have dedicated meeting spaces
  • Connect with other innovative projects
  • Create opportunities for future projects

Startups At WindEurope’s Electric City

Electric City 2021 is looking for startups and scaleups that fall under these criteria:

  • Your startup has been established in the last 5 years
  • Your startup focuses on innovation within the areas of:
    • Off-shore wind
    • Renewable energy
    • Energy Usage
    • Energy Awareness
  • Your startup generates a turnover of less than EUR 500.000
  • Your startup employs at least 3 people

Whom Will You Meet At The Event?

The entire on- and offshore wind industry will be present: the whole supply chain, from market leaders to leaders from energy policy, finance, and academia.

Wind Europe’s Electric City 2021 will host players from beyond wind energy as well. Participants from heavy industry, mobility, district, and domestic heating, storage, hybrids, and hydrogen will also be there to do business with the wind sector and join the conversation on how to build a clean economy.

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