Meet The 20 Outstanding Deep Tech Scaleups To Compete In The EIT Digital Challenge 2020 Final

Meet The 20 Outstanding Deep Tech Scaleups To Compete In The EIT Digital Challenge 2020 Final

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution transforming patient care. A 3D radar redefining human-machine interaction. A machine-to-machine platform managing autonomous devices for Industry 4.0. These are just a few examples of the 20 finalists nominated for the final of the EIT Digital Challenge 2020.

These solutions cover a wide variety of topics within EIT Digital’s focus areas spanning from Digital Finance, Digital Tech, and Digital Wellbeing to Digital Cities and Digital Industry. And they all have a common goal: to grow fast and contribute to building a strong digital Europe – one that’s inclusive, fair, and sustainable.

How EIT Digital Supports The Creation Of A Strong Digital Europe

EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organization focused on building and scaling ventures, and on breeding and up-skilling talents to equip them with both digital and entrepreneurial skills.

The EIT Digital Accelerator provides tailor-made growth support for high-growth European tech scaleups by helping them secure international customers and raise capital, thanks to a pan-European, distributed team of business developers and fundraising experts. Since 2012, the EIT Digital Accelerator has supported startups and scaleups from 18 countries who have raised over €920 million in investment. The EIT Digital Accelerator has been recognized as one of the world’s top public Business Accelerator by UBI Global, and as one of the top 4 accelerator brands in Europe, according to Startup Heatmap Europe.

Finalists Will Pitch & Compete For Prizes Worth €350,000 On 12 November

This year, the EIT Digital Challenge takes place for the seventh consecutive year and focuses on ‘deep tech’ digital scaleups with a differentiating product offering, leveraging sophisticated, hard-to-reproduce digital technologies that fuel the digital transformation. The finalists were chosen out of 403 applicants and come from 11 different European countries. On average, they reached a revenue of €1.5M in 2019, have already received €5.6M funding, and employ 31 people.

The winners will be chosen in a final event held online on November 12, where the finalists will pitch in front of a jury of experts and compete for prizes worth €350,000.

The prize package includes a full year of support by the EIT Digital Accelerator, worth €50,000, for the five best companies, which will help the scaleups growing their businesses in Europe and beyond. The EIT Digital Accelerator will support the EIT Digital Challenge winners in scaling up their business in Europe by helping them secure international customers in target markets and raise growth funding. In addition to that, the first prize winner will receive a cash prize of €100,000.

Meet The 20 Outstanding Deep Tech Scaleups To Compete In The EIT Digital Challenge 2020 Final

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Europe’s 20 Best Deep Tech Scaleups In 2020

  • Building Radar (UK) – multisource data collection and AI-powered platform to enable transparency about deal opportunities for the construction industry in cities
  • CitySwift (IR) – data-driven scheduling and planning technology for public transport companies
  • Deepomatic (FR) – a no-code visual automation platform to support field operations with computer vision applications
  • FNA (UK) – deep technology firm specializing in advanced analytics, network simulations, and Regulatory & Supervisory Technology (Regtech & Suptech)
  • Icometrix (BE) – helps effectively quantify brain abnormalities through AI-powered imaging solution
  • Inxpect (IT) – 3D safety radar for robotics and industrial automation
  • PXL Vision (CH) – PXL is a technology platform for secure and automated identity verification and the creation of trustable digital identities
  • Roboze (IT) – designing and manufacturing 3D printers and digital services for extreme applications
  • Runecast Solutions (UK) – Automated Hybrid Cloud insights for mission-critical configuration & security compliance
  • Scantrust (CH) – connected goods platform that binds physical goods with online identities for active brand protection, supply chain awareness, and consumer engagement
  • SentiOne (PL) – omnichannel social listening and customer service automation platform
  • Squirro (CH) ­– enables organizations to transform enterprise data into AI-driven insights
  • SwipeGuide (NL) – intelligent work instructions and procedures via augmented apps to improve productivity on the factory floor
  • TakeTask (PL) – mobile application used by organizations to assign, execute and verify tasks on a large scale in many locations simultaneously for any industry
  • Targomo (DE) – location intelligence solution to optimize retail networks, deliver better public services, and improve real estate searches
  • TRIBVN Healthcare (FR) – AI-powered solution that allows a pathologist to better manage and analyze cell and tissue images to improve cancer diagnosis
  • (FI) – AI-powered platform to scale and optimize customer service operations
  • Unmanned Life (UK) – Machine-to-Machine platform to enable Autonomy-as-a-Service to deploy and manage autonomous robotic devices for Smart Cities and Industry 4.0
  • Vårdinnovation (SE) – medical device software that through multi-sensor data collection and tasks automation helps optimize healthcare system efficiency
  • Wishibam (FR) – enables the creation of scalable marketplaces based on real-time store inventory

How You Can Join

The exclusive final event of the EIT Digital Challenge is a unique opportunity for investors and industry representatives to gain access to the most prominent European tech scaleups. During the event, participants will be able to arrange business meetings with the finalists and other prominent scaleups from the EIT Digital ecosystem via an online matchmaking platform.

The final event is invitation only and will be held online. If you are a stakeholder of the digital innovation ecosystem (corporates, investors, media, and EU institutions) and you would like to join the event, register here before 12 November!

And if you are interested to learn more about the growth services of the EIT Digital Accelerator, get in touch!



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