President Joe Biden Confirms VP Kamala Harris Will Be His Running Mate In 2024


President Joe Biden committed to Vice President Kamala Harris as his running mate for the 2024 Presidential Election.

“Yes and yes,” Biden responded during his first news conference of the year when a reporter asked if he  was satisfied with the job Harris has done on voting rights and if she will remain on the ticket.

When asked to expand on his answer, Biden responded saying there was no need to.

“She’s going to be my running mate, number 1, and number 2, I did put her in charge and I think she’s doing a good job.”

President Biden has put Kamala Harris in charge of some of the most difficult parts of his administration including the effort for a comprehensive voting rights bill and immigration at the Southern border.

However a year into his first term, little movement has been made on either effort, leading to criticism against Biden and Harris from both sides of the political spectrum. Harris has also had to deal with several people leaving her administration for other posts.

Symone Sanders, Ashley Etienne and Vincent Evans have all left their posts in Harris’ Administration in recent months, sparking rumors of a hostile work environment. However, all three have said nothing but kind words about their experiences wirh Harris.

Meanwhile, others have used Harris to point out the double standard women in politics are facing, considering the revolving door of the Trump Administration.

Many have speculated whether Biden would run for reelection in 2024, but the president quieted those concerns in a December ABC interview with David Muir. Biden said he not only planned to run again, but if Trump ran again, it would only “increase the prospect.”

Biden is still trying to push his election promises through including his Build Back Better bill,  a comprehensive voting rights bill and immigration reform. However, Republicans have stalled most of Biden’s agenda with the help of moderate Democrats Joe Manchin (W.V.) and Kyrsten Sinema (AZ).