The #CrateChallenge Has Social Media in a Frenzy and Daredevils Risking it All


The #CrateChallenge has taken over social media, with daredevils across the country going on scavenger hunts for milk crates to take part in the new viral trend.

The new challenge has been dubbed the “Hood Olympics,” where many in the Black community combine milk crates in the form of a rising podium. The challenge is to successfully walk to the top of the mountain of crates and back down without falling.

People from all ages and backgrounds have taken part in the challenge, with many moments going viral on social media. Most recently, two Black women, Lynn and Keri, took their edition of the #CrateChallenge to new heights by accomplishing the feat while wearing stiletto heels.

In a video shared on Instagram, the ladies can be seen wearing a pair of heels while walking across the stacked milk crates.

“Black women. Watch Posted @hellolynnnn and Keri @kizzykeri take the #cratechallenge to a whole new level,” they captioned the post. “They did it in heels ! But do we fall or are we some G’s.”


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Saucy Santana’s viral hit “Walk” plays in the background and provides the perfect setup to the sassy athleticism the two ladies displayed.

Not only did they walk across the crates in heels, but they also topped it off by walking across the stacked milk crates together with Lynn and Keri meeting at the peak and supporting each other as they made it across.

“BLACK WOMEN! What can’t WE DO IT,” one person exclaimed. “They had heels on. Wow, just wow,” added someone else.

The clip garnered over 15,000 views and even more on TikTok.

But in the most jaw-dropping Crate Challenge videos, people are almost losing their lives while trying to conquer new heights.


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This game is not a game.