30 best pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021

30 best pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021

30 best pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021

30 best pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021
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A bump is the only accessory you’ll need to pull off these fabulous pregnant Halloween costume ideas.

Your pregnant bump is a brilliant bonus when it comes to choosing a top costume for one of the all-time favourite Halloween traditions; dressing up as something spooky. And as these brilliant ideas prove, your bump can provide you with both the best and most original costume for October 31st.

Any expectant mums struggling for inspiration need look no further than our bumper round-up – which features some cracking Halloween couple costume ideas for you and your partner. Plus costumes by Boohoo, Amazon and many a fancy dress shop that are cheap to buy and easy to throw together.

30 best pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021:

1. Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 + 2

Fans of the classic Dr Seus tale can incorporate their blooming bump with this inspired Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and 2 costume. The other half can pick up their Cat in the Hat costume online at Amazon for under £30. And all you’ll need is a red dress, some white card and a black felt tip to pull yours together nicely.


2. ‘Baby under construction’

We’re big fans of this fun pregnant Halloween costume idea for 2021 and the attention to detail this Nevada-based couple have put in. Especially the mum-to-be’s work belt fastened with some sweet toys too. Order a couple of hi-vis vests online and throw on some leggings and hiking boots – for a look that’s comfortable too.


3. Avocado costume

Showcase your upcoming arrival in this fun avocado costume for Halloween 2021, with your bump as the stone. This expectant mum shares how she pulled the look together using a recycled cardboard box, a lick of paint and a brown t-shirt. Easy!

4. Monsters Inc.

Take a leaf out of this Wisconsin family’s book and dress up as the stars of Disney’s Monsters Inc this October 31st. A simple pink t-shirt and pigtails is all that’s needed for Boo’s look. While Sully and Mike’s outfits will require a little bit of extra crafting. So make a note to pick up some felt and glue from your local craft shop.

5. Expectant kangaroo

Go for a Safari theme this Halloween with a quirky keeper and kangaroo costume. Fasten yourself a little pouch and add in a little Joey just peeping out. And of course don’t forget the all important Kangaroo ears – available at Amazon for under £10.


6. Handmaid’s Tale

We guarantee this outfit will be one of the most popular pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021 – especially following the release of season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale in April this year. A long red dress and white bonnet is all you’ll need to emulate one of the Gilead residents from the acclaimed book and hit TV series. And if you’re feeling a little bit lazy – you can always pick up the pre-made offering online at Amazon instead.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £36.72 – £48.88

7. Basketball and player

For a fun pregnant Halloween costume with a difference try this hilarious basketball body paint offering. Grab a white vest, cut the middle open to expose your bump, and use some non-toxic orange and black face paint to create your own basketball. Accompanying family members can also get in on the fun – like the player and cute mini cheerleader here.


8. Willy Wonka and Violet Beauregarde

You’ll need lots of face paint to pull off this brilliant costume idea – inspired by Roald Dahl’s legendary Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Your bump is the perfect accessory to pull off the character of Violet, who famously balloons into a blueberry after eating Willy Wonka’s gum. Have your partner dress up and pose as the wacky chocolatier with you.

9. Winnie the Pooh and Piglet

This adorable Winnie the Pooh and Piglet costume is a simple one to recreate at home. Your bump – covered in a yellow dress – doubles up perfectly as the loveable bear’s round tummy. Just add ears, a red t-shirt, oh and don’t forget the honey jar!

10. Fortune Teller and her crystal ball

We love the creativity that’s gone into this fortune teller and crystal ball look. Think loose baggy pants, lots of gold jewellery and heavy eyeliner. And for a more DIY friendly crystal ball recreation – try wrapping your bump in kitchen foil and securing with tape. Your friends are sure to get the idea.

11. Juno

Dress up as Juno and Paulie Bleeker from the hit 2007 film Juno that made a star of Michael Cera and Elliot Page. We think this is a pregnant Halloween costume idea expectant mums can get on board with, due to the appealing comfort factor of this outfit.

12. ‘Bun in the Oven’

An absolute classic. Pay tribute to your own bun in the oven, with this sweet baker costume duo. If you’re up to the DIY challenge, check out the Thursday’s Child blog on how they made theirs. Or save yourself the hassle and order a ready-made version online.


13. Egg and Bacon duo

Breakfast fans should take advantage of having a bump and dress it up in this egg-cellent pregnant costume idea. Make your own with some card, scissors and coloured pens, and fasten accordingly to a plain outfit. Or order a pre-made egg and bacon couple’s costume online. Simply cut the yoke centre out and replace with your belly in a bright yellow t-shirt.


14. Pumpkin Dress

Pregnant Halloween costume ideas - boohoo maternity Pumpkin dress

Credit: Boohoo

Celebrate your own little pumpkin pudding for Halloween 2021 with this sweet dress from Boohoo. Available in contrasting black and orange colours, it’s made from a jersey material making it super soft to skin. Perfect for a Halloween pregnancy Instagram reveal post.


15. Farmer and cow

This outfit combo is arguably one of the funniest pregnant Halloween costume ideas. With your bump masquerading as a cow’s udders for the frightful night. This mum-to-be has fasted on some pink balloons onto what appears to be a pink beanie hat and stuck this onto some white pyjamas. A few cut-out black felt spots then finish the cow look off perfectly.

16. Dirty Dancing

“I carried a watermelon?!” Pay homage to the iconic line from hit film Dirty Dancing with this alternative Johnny and Baby outfit. We reckon you can draw the watermelon on a white t-shirt easily with a few green felt tip markers. They’ll be no second-guessing on who you’ll be either.

17. Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch

Let your bump shine as the highly coveted Golden Snitch from the Quidditch matches Harry and his friends chase in the Harry Potter film franchise. Grab yourself some gold material and fasten on some golden wings to get the Snitch look. And make sure your partner dresses up as Harry to help define what you are.


18. Mrs Doubtfire

We take our hats off to this pregnant mummy for this totally unique Halloween look. Grab yourself some nude spanx for this look and show your bump off with pride. Add a white bra, grey wig and dodgy glasses and you’ve got everything you need to bring Robin William’s classic character to life.


19. Disco King and his disco ball

This husband and wife team delivered some serious Studio 54 vibes for Halloween 2019. Every Disco King needs his disco ball – and your bump is just the thing to pull off this look. Order yourself a sparkly sequin top from Amazon to match your dancing don come October 31st.


20. Mario Kart

Props to this family who went all out as the Super Marios for Halloween last year. Let family and friends know that you’ll be ‘1 up’ soon by printing out and sticking the familiar game action onto a simple plain t-shirt. And of course, don’t forget to order the kids’ Mario and Luigi outfits in plenty of time.


21. Gumball machine

Decorate your bump with a colourful array of craft pompoms and go as a Gumball machine this Halloween. For extra clarity on your look, print out and stick a sweet sign to your white t-shirt too like this mum-to-be here. A real treat of a Halloween costume.


22. Astronaut and moon

Looking for some pregnant Halloween costume ideas that are out of this world? Look no further than this cute astronaut and moon get-up! Invest in some galactic style leggings and a matching top, and fasten on a fabric moon to your middle. Meanwhile your partner will have to hunt down a NASA style spacesuit to complement the look.


23. Skeleton baby

pregnant Halloween costume ideas - glow-in-the-dark skeleton top

Credit: Etsy

These glow-in-the-dark skeleton baby tops are one of our favourite pregnant Halloween costume ideas for 2021. We love how the mum’s has a mini baby skeleton, whilst your partner’s tummy is full of booze and burgers. You can even specify if it’s a boy or girl baby skeleton during the personalisation – great for any Halloween gender reveal ideas you had in mind. Order yours from Etsy now to copy the look.

VIEW AT ETSY | £16.56

24. Captain Hook and Smee from Peter Pan

This clever couple re-cycled their previous Halloween costumes and swapped a character out to celebrate their upcoming arrival. To go as bad Captain Hook’s side kick Smee you’ll need this red beanie hat from Amazon, plus a blue and white striped top, glasses and a beard. All easy (and cheap things) you can pick up online.


25. E.T.

We’re a little bit obsessed with this genius E.T. pregnant Halloween costume in the GoodtoKnow office. Definitely one to copy if you’re feeling creative and have the time (and patience) to unfasten the handlebar from your bike.

26. Doctor and Patient

For a tongue-in-cheek costume, go as a doctor and pregnant patient this Halloween 2021. A great way of delivering the good news online this spooky season.

27. The Mother of Dragons – Game of Thrones

This little dragon didn’t appear too delighted with his parent’s choice of costume for Halloween last year. But we happen to think this Khal Drogo and Khaleesi outfit is win-win. Show them who’s the mother of dragons with this fun Game of Thrones inspired costume. And pick up an almost identical Emilia Clarke style wig online at Amazon.


28. Tennis ball

This expectant mum came to play for Halloween in this hilarious tennis ball-inspired costume. Find yourself some yellow fabric and get crafty at copying an iconic tennis ball by brands like Wilson or Slazenger. Fasten to a plain black top and add a sports headband and tennis skirt to finish the look off perfectly. Game, set, match.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £7.99-8.99

29. Snowman

This extremely cheap costume earned this mum-to-be plenty of compliments at her Halloween party. And it’s so simple to throw together too. Find yourself a white t-shirt and add some coal buttons, a scarf and carrot for the nose. Top hat optional.

30. Basketball and net

This inspired basketball costume doubled up as a sweet pregnancy reveal – with the mum dressed as the hoop and her bump: the ball. A hassle-free costume to pull together last minute, simply order a mini basketball hoop and attach it around you with a bit of string. Then add your cardboard cutout ball and you’re ready to go.


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