Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 from Lindt to Hotel Chocolat

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 from Lindt to Hotel Chocolat

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 from Lindt to Hotel Chocolat

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 from Lindt to Hotel Chocolat
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Chocolate advent calendars have been popular since the 1950s as a way to count down to Christmas Day. 

Traditionally, they’ve been relatively simple in design. Just chocolate squares behind paper doors. However, in recent years, you’ve been able to get everything from Hotel Chocolat truffles and pralines to vegan chocolates and even booze-infused chocolates. Brands selling advent calendars for kids have mix-and-matched sweets, chocolates and other treats in some of their calendars now, too.

While non-chocolate advent calendars have become popular over the years, nothing beats counting down to Christmas the old fashioned way with a chocolate treat on every single day of December. So we’ve rounded up the best chocolate advent calendars for 2021 below. From classic Lindt advent calendars to Next-Day Delivery guaranteed calendars, there’s something here for everyone.

The best chocolate advent calendars in 2021:

1. Lindt Milk Lovers Advent Calendar

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Lindt

Credit: Amazon

If your favourite Lindt chocolates are the classic milk chocolate truffles, this is the advent calendar for you. There are 24 truffles in this calendar – one for each day counting down to Christmas – ranging from the quintessential Lindt truffle balls, to the heart-shaped version of the truffles and simple square chocolates.


2. Lindt Teddy Advent Calendar

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Lindt

Credit: Amazon

It’s not Christmas without a Lindt bear. And now you can get one early! There’s a small Lindt bear behind every door of this calendar, making it essential for all those who love a morning chocolate treat in the lead up to Christmas.


3. Hotel Chocolat’s Milk, White and Dark Chocolate calendars

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Hotel Chocolat

Credit: Hotel Chocolat

Everyone’s got their own favourite kind of chocolate: be it white, dark or classic milk. And you can certainly rely on Hotel Chocolat for quality and value – with these indulgent 24 door advents available for under £15.


4. Hotel Chocolat Caramel Chocolate Advent Calendar

Hotel Chocolat caramel advent calendar

Credit: Hotel Chocolat

Craving a calendar with a little more sweetness? These chocolates are smooth and creamy, moreish and SO delicious. Behind each of the 24 doors is a Christmas chocolate with a stream of dulce de leche running through it. The caramel chocolate casing is made up of sugar that has been caramelised, bringing out notes of molasses and toffee. Yum!


5. Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar for Two

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Hotel Chocolat

Credit: Hotel Chocolat

You get double the truffle fun in this fabulous Hotel Chocolat advent calendar. Each window contains two delicious and different flavoured truffles by the much-loved chocolatiers, that are sure to melt in your mouth. A special and delicious way to countdown to Christmas 2021 together.


6. Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar

Arriving 30th September on Amazon is this Ferrero Rocher calendar masterpiece. Behind each of these 24 doors, you’ll find one delicious Ferrero Collection praline – including the classic Rocher as well as Raffaello (coconut and white almond) and Rondnoir (wafer and dark chocolate). A little more expensive than some of the other advent calendars on our list for 2021, but we promise it’s worth it if you’re looking for something special this year.


7. Cadbury Chocolate Advent Calendar 2021

Cadbury chocolate advent calendar 2021

Credit: Cadbury

An absolute classic – you can never go wrong with one of Cadbury’s chocolate advent calendars. This year the master Chocolatiers have launched a new advent that lets fans get festive ready by building and decorating their very own Christmas tree. Plus behind each door is a festive decoration (in addition to a yummy choc) to add to your tree.


8. Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar 2021

Dairy Milk Chunks Advent Carton Calendar 2020

Brand new for 2021, this Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar is slightly more sophisticated than the ones aimed specifically at kids.  Perfect if you want a classic chocolate treat to enjoy in the run-up to Christmas! Filled with individually wrapped Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolates, this calendar features caramels, chocolate walnuts and solid chocolate treats.


9. Cadbury Heroes Christmas Advent Calendar

Heroes chocolate advent calendar

You’ll find yourself gorging on a Twirl one day and a Crunchie the next in this best selling Cadbury Heroes Advent Calendar. Perfect for those seeking an advent calendar that offers a little bit of variety in the chocolate selection.


10. Green & Blacks Advent Calendar 2021

Green and Blacks chocolate advent calendar 2021

Credit: Green and Blacks

Enjoy five different flavours of bite-size chocolates from Green & Black’s organic range in the days leading up to Christmas this year with this advent calendar. Inside is a selection of milk and decadent dark chocolates. Made up of 70% cocoa, Green & Black’s dark chocolate is prized for its great depth of cocoa flavour in every bite.


11. Fortnum’s Chocolate Truffle Selection Advent Calendar

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Fortnum's Chocolate Truffle Selection

Credit: Fortnum & Mason

Looking for some luxury chocolate to tuck into this December? Then look no further than Fortnum & Mason and their heavenly truffle advent offering. Full of sumptuous flavoured treats like Marc de Champagne, Christmas Pudding, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Orange and Pecan and Maple Syrup.. you’ll have to show real restraint not to eat these in one sitting.


12. Pierre Marcolini Advent Calendar 2021

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Lindt

There’s advent calendars and then there’s the Pierre Marcolini advent calendar. Opulent and oozing with rich flavours, the Brussels chocolatier is back with another grandiose chocolate countdown calendar for 2021. And we expect this one to be a sell-out when it arrives online soon


13. Galaxy Chocolate Advent Calendar

For one of the best budget chocolate advent calendars in 2021, opt for Galaxy’s chocolate advent calendar. Every day of December, behind each of these cardboard doors, is a smooth Galaxy chocolate. They’re one of the nation’s favourite chocolate treats for a reason! With their unique flavour and texture are totally unmatched.


14. Milky Bar Chocolate Advent Calendar 2021

This Milky Bar advent calendar is an absolute classic. And while it might be a kids’ favourite, there’s no reason why adults can’t indulge in 24 days of white chocolate bites. Behind each door is a Christmas-themed Milkybar white chocolate slice. Simple and effective, this advent calendar is available to buy now.


15. Kinder Advent Calendar 2021

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Kinder

Credit: Selfridges

Kids will love the quirky and fun design of Ferrero’s Kinder advent calendar for 2021. The three-dimensional snow chalet scene calendar with Santa and his elves has 24 hidden mini milk chocolate bars. The perfect way to ensure a smile at the start of the day in December.


16. Moo Free Advent Calendar 2021

Moo Free advents 2021

Credit: Ocado

Big kids and little kids with food intolerances need not miss out on the fun of advent calendars this year. Cult vegan and plant-based brand Moo Free have two dairy free, gluten free and soya free, milk or white chocolate advents that are sure to go down a treat.


17. Happi Free From Advent Calendar 2021

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Happi Oat Milk

Credit: Happi

Listen up you healthy oat milk drinkers! Happi have announced their Oat M!lk chocolate advent calender for 2021 – and it’s sure to have you smiling. Open a door a day and find a 4g vegan friendly and ethically sourced sweet treat to indulge in this December.


18. Pip and Nut Advent Calendar 2021



Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Pip and Nut

Credit: Pip & Nut

Peanut butter fans will go nutty for this festive offering from popular ethical brand Pip & Nut. This 24 door delight has a mix of their vegan dark chocolate nut butter cups in both peanut and almond butter flavours. A chocolate with a difference to enjoy in the countdown to Christmas.


19. Reese’s Peanut Butter Miniatures Advent Calendar

Reeses piece chocolate Advent Calendar 2020 v3

Make your countdown to Christmas more delicious this year, with Reese’s Peanut Butter Miniatures Advent. Filled with 23 mini Peanut Butter Cups in white, milk and dark chocolate flavours, plus two full-size white Peanut Butter Cups behind window number 24.


20. Niederegger Cafe Chocolate & Marzipan Advent Calendar 2021

Niederegger Cafe Chocolate & Marzipan Advent Calendar

Credit: Niederegger

An assortment of dark and milk chocolate pralines, croquant with milk chocolate, flambeed marzipan and other marzipan-based treats are all surprises you’ll open in this quality calendar. Niederegger marzipan – found in their famous Cafe in Lubeck, Germany – is made from 100% finest marzipan paste. And it’s this quality and attention to detail that makes this one of the best chocolate advent calendars for 2021.


21. Tony’s Chocolonely Countdown Calendar 2021

Tony's Chocolonely advent calendar 2021

Credit: Ocado

The one we’ve been waiting for – the first ever Tony’s Christmas countdown calendar! This advent offering is like something straight out of Willy Wonka’s factory, thanks to a rainbow of flavours including: White Chocolate Raspberry Popping Candy, Dark Milk Chocolate Pretzel Toffee, plus Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt and more. Unwrap one of these miniatures each day in December.

VIEW AT OCADO | £12.50

22. Lakrids by Bülow Liquorice Advent Calendar

Best chocolate advent calendars 2021 - Lakrids

Credit: Lakrids

Sample a Scandinavian calendar with a difference. Premium liquorice Danish confectionary brand Lakrids by Bülow have given an extra sweet twist to the classic advent, with 24 of its famous chocolate coated liquorice waiting to be gobbled in this beautifully presented package.


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