Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is selling out fast! Here’s where you can still save 15% on Black Friday!

<div>Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is selling out fast! Here's where you can still save 15% on Black Friday!</div>
Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is selling out fast! Here’s where you can still save 15% on Black Friday!
<div>Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is selling out fast! Here's where you can still save 15% on Black Friday!</div>

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is one of Amazon’s most wished for items and is selling out fast.

It’s now sold out on Amazon, and Curry’s but is available from and directly at the Hotel Chocolat website. 

Black Friday deal

Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser – £99.95 £84.96 (SAVE £14.99) | Hotel Chocolat
The price has dropped on this year’s must-have Black Friday treat. You can get 15% off the Velvetiser for Black Friday including two FREE limited edition Pod Cups. Add it to your basket today and you’ll get 15% off when you spend £25 or more plus FREE delivery.

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Dreamt up by Hotel Chocolat but engineered by Dualit, the Velvetiser usually costs £99.95.

It’s a gorgeous gadget that makes dreamy, barista-grade whipped hot chocolate in less than three minutes. Seriously; can you imagine anything better than curling up on a wintery day with a soothing mug of velvety homemade hot chocolate? How about never having to leave the house – or change out of your slippers – when you fancy a posh hot chocolate? 

How does it work? Simple. You add Hotel Chocolat chocolate flakes to your choice of water or milk – vegan milk options work perfectly too – then press the button and let the Velvetiser work its magic. You can even use a bar of real chocolate to create your ultimate hot chocolate in the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser. And it works for cold chocolate drinks too.

Velvetiser review

Our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe has a husband who prides himself on knowing a good hot chocolate. ‘It’s become a bane of his (and my) life, trying to find a good hot chocolate, which is why I bit the bullet and bought a Velvetiser for him last year,’ she says.

The good bits: It’s smooth, you can use any hot chocolate powder in it, it’s easy to clean, looks good enough to keep out in the kitchen, froths milk for my coffee, and it’s super quiet. The bad bits: While it is super quiet, we have walked away and forgotten we made a hot chocolate as there’s no noise to tell you it’s finished. The set temp is for optimum ‘drinking now’, so if you like a hotter hot chocolate this won’t do that.

‘For us, it’s amazing,’ says Stephanie. ‘There are no more lumps in our hot chocolate, it genuinely is like velvet when you pour. Making an HC (as my husband calls it) is no longer a chore. You just press a button. You don’t have to stand there checking in the microwave that the milk isn’t bubbling over. Or stopping it to stir halfway through.’

The consumer reviews speak for themselves; customers have rated this hot chocolate maker an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars in a total of 1,825 reviews. One Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser owner wrote this:

‘I recently bought this machine and am so impressed. Not only does it look beautiful in the kitchen, but it produces restaurant/cafe-quality hot chocolate. No lumps or residue at the bottom of the cup. The chocolate is the perfect temperature and the drinks are made from chocolate flakes instead of sugary powder. It’s also really fast and quiet.’

Another happy Velvetiser customer said this:

‘Well worth it – I have wanted the Velvetiser for over a year. I bought the selector box with it to try a few flavours and love it! I use mine with oat milk and it’s lovely and smooth and feels like such a luxury treat at home. Can’t wait to try even more flavours.’

Can you use any chocolate in a Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser?

Yes! You can grate a bar of your favourite chocolate into the Velvetiser to create your very own signature hot chocolate drink. 

Stephanie tells us; ‘While we know it’s only supposed to be used with Hotel Chocolat, other powders work too. This makes this price per use a game-changer for us. Even the powders that are supposed to be made with water turn out delicious.’

The Hotel Chocolat range of hot chocolates is huge. I’m already a fan of the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate. And keen to try the Mince Pie Hot Chocolate and Ginger Hot Chocolate Sachets next. Can’t decide which to choose? Go for the selection box of 20 assorted flavour sachets – you could try a new one almost every day in December.

Last year, I missed out on the Hotel Chocolat Black Friday deal when they dropped the price of the Velvetiser – and I’ve been regretting it ever since. So I’ve been keeping my ear to the ground in the hopes of hearing about Hotel Chocolat Black Friday deals.

And now that Black Friday 2021 is here? I popped that beautiful copper gadget in my shopping basket faster than you could say ‘whipped cream with that, please’.

A cup of hot chocolate made in the Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat

Credit: Hotel Chocolat

Is the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser just a milk frother?

Yes, the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser is essentially a stylish premium milk frother, but it’s no ordinary milk frother. Have you ever seen one that looks this good? Nope, me neither.

Designed to take up no more space than a kettle – so you can leave it out on the kitchen counter to impress your visitors – the Velvetiser comes in a range of uber-stylish colours. I’ve got my eye on the classic copper edition. Also, it comes with a pair of pod cups. I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with adding to my collection of lovely mugs, but these are the perfect shape and size for nestling in the palm of your hand. I feel all ‘hygge’ just thinking about it.

Stephanie adds; ‘I’m more a coffee drinker, but I like frothy milk. So, instead of buying another frother, I just use the Velvetiser. Adding the milk without the powder – it works just as well!’

How to save £50 on the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser

Normally, you can get £50 off your Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser when you subscribe to the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser & Refill Subscription. As well as ensuring you never run out of your fave Hotel Chocolat drinking chocolate, you’ll get a £15 voucher for every tenth subscription item you receive, plus FREE delivery on your subscription orders.

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