Indoor activities for kids: ideas for rainy days

Indoor activities for kids: ideas for rainy days

Indoor activities for kids: ideas for rainy days

Indoor activities for kids: ideas for rainy days
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These indoor activities for kids are perfect for occupying little ones when the weather turns bad.

It can sometimes take some serious brain power to come up with some fun things to do with kids when it’s wet and miserable outside. With inspiring ideas not immediately springing to mind when wanting to keep the kids entertained and signs of boredom at bay.

Luckily there’s a whole host of activities you can enjoy inside the house on a rainy day as our list proves. From easy craft activities to fun kids exercise ideas, these are suggestions that will see the whole family through the wet weather.

Indoor activities for kids:

1. Work out

Get them up and moving about, with exercise one of the best indoor activities to do with kids.

Set up a mini exercise circuit, where they have to do a different move at each pit stop (jumping jacks, lunges or running on the spot). Or have the whole family compete in an indoor sports day with classics like the wheelbarrow and egg and spoon race.

If you’d rather have them engage in some independent exercise, why not find a Joe Wicks workout that they can get their teeth into whilst you see to chores?

2. Play a family board game

It doesn’t matter how many computer games or gaming consoles they have, sometimes you just can’t beat a classic kids board game session around the dining room table.

Rope the whole family in and enjoy classics like Monopoly, Cluedo or Guess Who. Or crack out hungry hippos or jenga for younger kids.  Basic card games, like Snap or Patience or also a good back-up if you’re out of board games.

3. Try a science experiment

At-home science experiments are a great activity to occupy curious minds on rainy days, with kids fascinated by the magic of science and colourful potions. Safe, fun and educational – you can conjure up your own chemical reaction with objects or ingredients already found around the house.

Take for example, this clever magic milk experiment which requires cupboard basics like a cotton bud, washing up liquid and some milk from the fridge.

4. Get baking

Get the kids in the kitchen and trying their hand at easy kids baking recipes like cakes, cookies, biscuits and bread.

Not only will you be teaching them the art of baking, but they’ll also be improving their number skills when weighing out the ingredients and learning how to follow instructions by using the recipe.

Just make sure they’re wearing an apron, they wash their hands properly before and after and steer clear of any knives.

5. Take a virtual tour

There’s no need to venture out whilst the weather is grey and drizzly, with children able to learn heaps about history, science and the natural world through a number of exciting virtual tours of kids. One positive of the pandemic was that some of most famous museums and zoos in the world took their exhibitions online. And the good news is that they’re still able to view completely free on your home computer today.

Sit down and explore the dinosaurs at London’s National History Museum or watch a livestream of some of San Diego’s zoo cheekiest inhabitants, thanks to live cameras installed in their penguin, elephant and panda enclosures.

6. Tie-dye t-shirts

There’s a whole host of kids arts and crafts to try indoors when the weather turns. Why not experiment with some colour and learn how to tie dye t-shirts with your little one?

Kids love rainbows and this fun activity will enable them to create a one-of-a-kind design that they can proudly show off to friends.

7. Stage a talent show

Have your budding ballerina or small soprano show off their skills in a family talent show in the living room.

Help them get dressed up in costume and manage any recorded music they might need. Then sit back and watch your little stars shine.

8. Have a pancake flip-off contest

Recreate the fun of pancake day on a miserable afternoon indoors.

Have the kids choose what pancake recipes and pancake toppings they’d like to try. Then set a challenge to see who can successfully flip the most pancakes in 30 seconds.

And of course, the best bit is having some delicious pancakes to tuck into after!

9. Make candles

Why not have a go at some candle-making craft with older kids?

Complete beginners will be able to easily master how to make copper candles at home. Plus parents will love the aromas that will fill the house when constructing them together too.

10. Online escape room

Have the family come together and crack a number of clues, padlocks and puzzles in an at-home Escape Room.

Epic Escapes have created the perfect Escape Room In A Box package with three different games to sink your teeth into for just £99.  Start off with the easy Crime Escape Room and work your way up to the special Hijack one. The boxes also include self-help hint cards for when you need a little assistance.

11. Do some painting

Encourage your kids to be creative and make a bit of mess – break out the paper and paints and cover your table with newspaper before you start to protect it.

Poster paint is probably the best to use to start with. Make sure you have a jar filled with water to hand, so your kids can rinse out their brushes when they swap colours. And you don’t just have to use brushes – try using some different things to make pictures. If you have really young children, finger painting is great fun. Or why not slice some potatoes in half, cut out faces or other patterns and then dip them in paint and do some vegetable printing instead.

12. Cosmic kids yoga

Yoga or stretching is one of the best indoor activities for soothing restless kids on rainy days.

Teach them classics like the downward dog or child’s pose. Similarly, there are loads of child-orientated videos that make yoga fun for kids – using stories, characters and playfulness. With the most popular one being Cosmic Kids Yoga available to stream fro free online.

13. Make play dough

If you’ve got little kids then there’s nothing nicer than an afternoon crafting creations from play dough. And theres no need to run out to the shops either. With our play dough recipe easy to make from bits already found in the kitchen.

It’s a LOT easier than you might think and you can colour it however you like, depending on what your kids fancy making out of it. Our fool proof play dough recipe can be made in a matter of minutes and we’ve included plenty of ideas for what to make with it, too.

14. Play with Lego

There’s thousands of things kids can construct from these tiny multi-coloured bricks. And we’re almost sure every house has their own stash.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, be sure to check out Lego online who have lots of handy building instructions on how to make houses, vehicles and much more.

15. Read a book

Wet weather is a perfect opportunity for young book worms to curl up with a book and teleport into a different world.  Plus it’s an opportunity for little ones to develop key reading skills too.

From teen books to books for toddlers and even personalised books for kids, this is one of those indoor activities that kids of all ages can benefit from.

16. Go for a walk and jump in puddles

Let’s face it, the weather’s rotten a lot of the time in the UK. So sometimes you might as well just bite the bullet and go out in it.

Put on your waterproof coats, big coats and wellies and scope out some muddy puddles for kids to jump in.

When it’s wet a lot of bugs come out too, which is great for avid bug hunters. Worms and snails love the rain. So you could take along some jam jars and collect the most interesting ones.

17. Teddy bear tea party

Bring the picnic indoors and help your little one host their own make-pretend tea party with furry friends.

You could use plastic foods from their play kitchen or bake some real afternoon tea classics for an authentic touch.

18. Create a music video

Kids love performing in front of cameras. So why not have them create their very own music video to their favourite tune.

Teach them a few moves, help them mime the words and dress them in their best party-wear so they feel like the real deal.

Don’t forget it’s videos like these that are essential viewing on their 18th birthday.

19. Zoom games for kids

Organise a virtual play date with friends and have them play a number of fun zoom games for kids.

From charades and hangman to pictionary – there’s plenty of games in our round-up that will keep them entertained on the call.

20. Make a mug cake

A microwave mug cake recipe is a great trick to have up your sleeve on a rainy day.

Easy to do and ready in minutes, kids will love making a quick chocolate treat that they can tuck into after.

21. Learn a language

One of our more educational indoor activities with kids to try on a rainy day. Learning a language is a skill that will set many children up for life.

Luckily there’s plenty of kid-friendly language apps that they can download and start learning from their phone.

Gus on the Go is a great one for introducing young ones to Spanish. Whilst Duolingo has plenty of interactive kids games available to try in 35 languages.

22. Do a jigsaw

Puzzles are a perfect rainy day activity that will also develop children’s motor and concentration skills.

Challenge older kids to ones with over 1,000 pieces. And be on hand to help younger ones as they muddle through.

23. Make some bath bombs

Take bath-time to the next level by helping your kids make bath bombs from scratch.

Little ones will love splashing around in the colourful water. Whilst adults alike will appreciate taking a moment to relax with scented oils after a stressful day.

Cheaper than splashing out on a fancy one, you can make one with some kitchen equipment and a few scented supplies.


24. Have them help you cook dinner

Share your cooking knowledge and passion for food by having them join you in the kitchen.

You can keep it as simple and as safe as you like – think washing the salad, peeling eggs or stirring the pan.

Or why not try one of our kid-friendly recipes that lets them do most of the method themselves:

25. Make a lava lamp

Brighten up the gloomy day with a homemade lava lamp they can keep in their bedroom. Easy and cheap to do – you’ll find most of the ingredients are readily available kitchen items too.

Lava lamps are a great sensory stimulus for little ones. They’ll also show big kids the science behind the cool chemical reactions.

26. Have a movie marathon

Make the afternoon into a bit of a home cinema event. Let the little ones choose a kids’ films on Netflix or settle on a family-friendly Disney film.

To make it more special, close the curtains and turn off the lights, as if you’re in a proper cinema. And make sure you organise snacks and whip up some non-alcoholic cocktails that everyone can enjoy.

Now all you need to do is all get comfy on the sofa, beanbags and cushion and settle down for an afternoon of fun.

27. Go on a treasure hunt

This one takes a bit of time and effort on your part, but your kids will really appreciate it.

The treasure needs to be hidden somewhere in the house, preferably where it cannot be found by accident. Then you just have to write some clues and hide them around the house – they will lead from one to the other, until the final one shows you the location of the prize.

The age of your kids will depend on how difficult or easy your clues are and be careful of any clues near valuable or dangerous items. If you’re being really inventive, you could always make pretend pirate maps, get your kids to dress up and make it a realistic hunt for ‘buried’ treasure.

28. Dress up

Kids love to dress up. And this is most certainly one of our favourite indoor activities for kids on rainy days, as it can make even the shyest child come alive.

If you haven’t already got a dressing-up box, now’s the time to start one. Have a rummage through the loft or the bottom drawer for some old clothes and other accessories that you or your partner no longer wear or use. These can be anything from old glasses (without the lenses), belts, gloves, bags, coats, fancy-dress outfits, scarves… you name it, you can use it.

Now get dressing up! Try to invent some stories to go with the clothes, or even get your kids to put on a performance for you and your partner.

If you haven’t yet got enough clothes, see if you have still got any old baby clothes and get your kids to dress up their teddies or other toy animals.


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