Line of Duty season 7: Is Line Of Duty coming back?

Line of Duty season 7: Is Line Of Duty coming back?

Line of Duty season 7: Is Line Of Duty coming back?

Line of Duty season six reached a record-breaking finale with 12.8 million viewers tuning in on Sunday night. But is Line of Duty coming back and will there be a season 7?

Line of Duty season 7: Is Line Of Duty coming back?

Line of Duty’s season six finale has become the most-watched episode of a drama in 20 years and its overnight record-breaking popularity is about to put pressure on show creator Jed Mercurio when it comes to whether there will be a season seven.

A continuation of the popular drama series, which first hit screens back in 2012, is something fans would love to see.

With Jed responding to disappointed viewers over the show’s divisive finale, we’re dying to know if Line of Duty will ever come back.

Line of Duty season 7: Is Line Of Duty coming back?

Line Of Duty series 6 cast Martin Compston, Shalom Brune-Franklin and Adrian Dunbar

Line of Duty hasn’t been renewed for another season and it’s thought that season six was the last – however fans have hit social media to urge the BBC to continue the show with a seventh season.

But with the tag line for the last episode of season six reading, “every investigation has led to this,” it feels as though Sunday’s episode really was the last one.

With the identity of the mysterious H finally uncovered, it’s hard to see how the storyline could develop in the same way it has for the past six seasons.

Meanwhile, writer and show creator Jed Mercurio appears to have made a farewell post, dubbing Line of Duty as the ‘highlight’ of his career in his Twitter post which reads, Working with @Vicky_McClure @martin_compston #AdrianDunbar has been the highlight of my career. Thanks to the rest of the cast, our brilliant crews, and the production team @worldprods @BBCOne @BBCTwo for six incredible seasons.’

And Vicky also wrote a lengthy post, which paid tribute to her co-stars by highlighting the “life long friendships” they had all made, as well as the “talented and caring” crew.

Whilst Martin wrote, ‘Been a wild few weeks and mental 10years with the most amazing cast & crews. None more so than the 3 below who I’d be lost without. A job of a lifetime only made possible by the fans tuning in series after series, for that, I can’t thank you all enough…’

With neither giving fans any indication that a seventh season is on the horizon. But this doesn’t mean producers won’t make a surprise announcement in the not too distant future.

Line of Duty Season six, Vicky McClure

Ever since series three, the show has tended to launch in March but that doesn’t mean March 2022 should be put in our diaries as there has also been a two-year gap between the past few seasons – added to this is the impact Covid-19 has had on filming, and fans shouldn’t expect a Line of Duty season 7 to release before 2023.

Should the popular BBC drama return, while the mystery man that the team AC-12 has been hunting for so long has been resolved, there are still avenues that could be explored on-screen in future in terms of whether or not evidence of systemic corruption can be used in court.

One key character who could help carry on the plotline is Chief Constable Philip Osborne and fans of the show will recall how he continues to downplay links between the police and criminal organisations. As season six comes to an end, not only he is still in the top job but he’s also taking power away from anti-corruption units which some may feel the latest battle is over, there is still room for AC-12 to win the war.

Line of Duty season 6

But with the forced retirement of team AC-12 gaffer impending and Patricia Carmichael in charge of the newly-merged team, it’s unlikely that fans’ favourite trio would be able to continue to work together. Star Vicky McClure who plays Kate Fleming has made it clear that she would love to return to the job that Ted Hastings (Adrian Dunbar) had offered her, but only time will tell as to whether she will return and who will be on her team.

Meanwhile, Jed broke his silence on the controversial ending which some viewers felt was missing the dramatic exit that some anticipated. He tweeted, We’re honoured and flattered by the viewing figures for #LineofDuty6. We knew attempting to explore the real nature of corruption in our society wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but we do sincerely thank you all for watching. It’s been our privilege to share your Sunday nights.’

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