Lockdown ‘glow-up’? We’ve done enough already | Eva Wiseman


Lockdown ‘glow-up’? We’ve done enough already | Eva Wiseman

Our bodies do so much for us, when we will we appreciate and celebrate them, rather than focus on flaws

A time-lapse video of my body over lockdown would have seen the kinds of bloom and decay of a felled forest or demolished building. Not that I’m comparing it to any structure of architectural interest – let me be clear, my body is very much not “the Shard”, more “the second chicken shop you come to if you turn right out of the Shard and start walking towards Whitechapel”.

I began lockdown pregnant and thoughtful, easing myself gently into cushioned chairs, my moisturised face turned to the sun. Over the following months my body softened and ruined; my makeup-less skin confused by light, mottled, then wattled; my hair choosing its own adventure every morning. Sedentary and unsatisfied, I have aged eight years in the past three months alone. I look in the mirror and see a bag for life.

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Source : https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2021/apr/04/lockdown-glow-up-weve-done-enough-already