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10 Sales Cadence Tools to Close More Deals in 2024

10 Sales Cadence Tools to Close More Deals in 2024

Planning plays a pivotal role in sales, whether it is developing a sales strategy or crafting a sales proposal. 

However, amidst all the planning, one crucial element that often gets overlooked is the follow-up process.

Such an oversight can result in inefficiencies in sales processes, missed opportunities for personalization, and challenges in tracking sales activities.

Well, we understand the challenges of accelerating progress in prospecting and reaching your targets.

If you want to establish a successful and consistent outreach structure tailored to your market and team, sales cadence can be an absolute game-changer.

Best Sales Cadence Tools – Table of Contents

Why Do You Need a Sales Cadence Tool?

Did you know, according to a recent survey, a staggering 70% of salespeople tend to end their outreach efforts after sending just one email?

This data highlights a great opportunity! 

When you send additional follow-up emails, you can significantly increase your chances of getting a response. 

In fact, with each subsequent email, your likelihood of receiving a reply rises by 25%.

Impressive, right?

What’s more impressive is that incorporating a sales cadence tool can greatly improve your sales efforts.

Here’s how:

  • Personalization: Sales cadence tools allow you to personalize your outreach activity, resulting in more engagement.
  • Scheduling: You can automate your outreach activities, ensuring that each touchpoint is executed at the most optimal time.
  • Follow-up and Automation: Sales cadence tools track your prospect’s engagement and automate the follow-ups based on that. 
  • Tracking and Analytics: You can easily monitor the effectiveness of their outreach efforts, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions to refine sales cadences. 

As we already discovered, the importance of a sales cadence tool cannot be overstated. But choosing the right one is tough! 

After thorough research, we’ve compiled the best tools available in the market. 

Let’s check them out in the next section below.

10 Best Sales Cadence Tools of 2024

To help you make a well-informed choice, we have meticulously curated a list of 10 sales cadence tools that reign supreme in 2024. 

1) Saleshandy


When it comes to optimizing your sales cadence and maximizing sales efficiency, Saleshandy emerges as the most comprehensive solution that ticks all the boxes (✅).

With Saleshandy, you can enjoy the convenience of scheduling your email sequences based on different time zones and intent.

This ensures that your emails are delivered optimally, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

The platform is specifically designed to cater to the unique requirements and challenges of sales outreach, ensuring that every aspect of your outreach is fine-tuned for success.

With its user-friendly interface, intuitive features, and focus on delivering exceptional results in the realm of cold email outreach, Saleshandy stands out as a leading choice.


  • Lead Contact Information: With Saleshandy’s B2B Lead Finder, you can get email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact data for your target prospects and leads.

    This provides you with the details needed to directly reach and engage priority accounts.

  • Data Verification: You can get only verified contact information through Saleshandy’s B2B Lead Finder.

    This prevents wasted efforts from outdated or invalid data by confirming emails, phones, and additional data points are current.

  • Advanced Filters: Saleshandy equips you to precisely filter leads based on criteria like company, location, role, department, size, experience, revenue, industry, and more.

    By using these advanced filters, you can target the most ideal prospects for your business.

  • Personalized Cold Email Campaigns: You can compose personalized cold emails at scale and manage follow-up sequences directly in Saleshandy.
  • Email Warm-Up: You can establish a positive sender reputation and increase inbox placement by gradually ramping up email volume through Saleshandy’s Warm-Up feature.

    This trust-building process can enhance critical performance metrics like email deliverability.

  • Integrations: You can easily integrate Saleshandy with major email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, G Suite, and Outlook 365, as well as with platforms like Zapier and SalesBlink.


  1. Cold Emailing
  • Outreach Starter – $25/Month
    • 2,000 Total Prospects
    • 10K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Pro – $74/Month
    • 30K Total Prospects
    • 125K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale – $149/Month
    • 60K Total Prospects
    • 250K Emails per Month
  • Outreach Scale Plus – $219/Month
    • 100K Total Prospects
    • 350K Emails per Month
  1. B2B Lead Finder
    (Only Email)
  • Lead Starter – $39/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $79/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $159/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $249/Month (10,000 Credits)

    (Email + Phone Number)

  • Lead Starter – $66/Month (1,000 Credits)
  • Lead Pro – $144/Month (2,500 Credits)
  • Lead Scale – $269/Month (5,000 Credits)
  • Lead Scale Plus – $509/Month (10,000 Credits)

2) Outreach

Outreach is a powerful sales cadence tool that offers a unified platform to manage all your sales activities, making it an ideal hub for your team’s operations. The tool is specifically designed for large teams and enterprise-level companies.

With Outreach, you can easily create personalized email cadences and automate follow-ups for your sales leads. 

Adding more to this, the platform tracks buyer engagement signals. It basically alerts you when prospects are showing signs of being ready to make a purchase or losing interest. This valuable insight helps you prioritize your efforts and make timely, informed decisions.


  • Create comprehensive multi-channel outreach cadences that foster collaboration among your entire sales team.
  • Supports account-based marketing campaigns, allowing you to target multiple decision-makers within a single company.
  • Seamlessly integrates with a wide range of other sales tools, providing a streamlined workflow.


You can request a quote after filling in your email address and country’s name on their website.


Snov is another sales cadence tool offering many features to create high-performing sales cadences. lets you find and verify the email addresses of your prospects, and later, it sends personalized emails to them so you can engage with them and convert them. stands apart from others by offering an all-in-one sales cadence solution that offers A-Z automated sales prospecting and engaging features that work even when you’re asleep!


  • Drip campaign lets you create automated outreach campaigns that send prospects emails based on their actions.
  • Mailbox rotation allows users to spread the email volume across their connected accounts.
  • Snov offers a wide range of Integrations with different CRMs and automation platforms.


  • Starter Plan at $30 per month
  • Pro Plan at $75 per month

4) Woodpecker


Woodpecker is quite a popular platform for sales cadences. It is mostly used for outbound lead generation through cold email campaigns. Woodpecker sends highly personalized cold emails with high deliverability, and that’s why business professionals use Woodpecker to launch their sales cadences.

It offers automatic follow-ups, A/B testing, and many other features that help users achieve high deliverability and succeed in their sales campaigns.


  • Woodpecker randomizes email sending frequency to mimic a human sending pattern.
  • Email warmup lets you warm up your email account before sending cold emails to improve your email deliverability.
  • Open, click, and reply tracking lets users get valuable campaign insights.


  • $25 per month (500 prospects) (billed annually)
  • $41 per month (1000 prospects) (billed annually)
  • $56 per month (2000 prospects) (billed annually)

5) HubSpot Sales Hub

a screenshot of Hubspot's website

HubSpot is a renowned sales platform. This is largely due to its robust sales cadence tools that empower you to effectively engage and nurture leads, transforming them into loyal customers. Once your leads enter your sales pipeline, HubSpot will create targeted email cadences tailored to convert these leads into valuable customers.

One of the key advantages is HubSpot’s large selection of integrations. It allows you to improve your workflow by using a wide range of complementary tools and services.

Additionally, HubSpot’s in-depth analytics on your contacts give you useful information about the level of lead engagement at each stage of your sales cadence.


  • Enables creation of multi-step HubSpot cadences that dynamically adjust based on prospect actions, ensuring a tailored and responsive outreach approach
  • Allows effortless personalization of your email templates, allowing you to create compelling and individualized messages 
  • Seamlessly integrate HubSpot with an extensive range of outreach and marketing tools, for optimizing and enhancing your sales and marketing efforts.


  • Free HubSpot CRM: A free, fundamental CRM solution empowering businesses to effectively manage interactions and deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Sales Hub Professional at $90/seat/month: It is designed for growing teams, providing automation capabilities and scalability to streamline the sales process.
  • Sales Hub Enterprise at $150/seat/month: It grants advanced teams unparalleled control and flexibility in optimizing their sales operations.

6) Klenty


Klenty is a sales cadence tool used by many sales professionals who want to engage their prospects in bulk without losing a personal touch. It offers robust automation capabilities that enable the user to engage with prospects at scale.

Users can create multi-channel sequences to engage the prospect. If an email doesn’t work, another channel will be used to engage the prospect, creating a higher chance of getting a reply.


  • Klenty offers personalized mult-channel sequences to get a higher chance of getting a response from the prospect.
  • Automated follow-ups make sure that no lead is slipped through the crack.
  • Powerful integration lets users connect their ESPs, CRMs, and more to their Klenty account.


  • Startup plan at $50 per month
  • Growth plan at $70 per month
  • Enterprise plan at $100 per month

7) Reply

a screenshot of Reply's website

As unique as its name, Reply is a powerful sales engagement platform designed to help users generate new opportunities at scale while maintaining a personalized touch. With a range of features and capabilities, Reply streamlines the sales process and saves valuable time for SDR teams.

You can create automated communication sequences across multiple channels, all within one platform. So you can connect with your prospects through email, calls, and more.

Reply allows you to get the most out of your team’s performance with in-depth analytics and sync the data across your sales stack via Zapier, native integrations, or API.


  • Create customized multichannel sequences to suit any situation or scenario effortlessly.
  • Reply streamlines the entire engagement cycle, handling every aspect on your behalf.
  • Seamlessly integrate with ABM and personalization tools such as Hyperise, Vidyard, Albacross, and numerous others, empowering your outreach efforts to reach new heights.


  • Free: Uncover and connect with potential clients using Reply’s free B2B data. Available for everyone!
  • Email Outbound $49 per month– Send cold emails to 1,000 active contacts through email automation.
  • Multichannel at $89/user/month- Approach unlimited contacts through multichannel outreach automation with unlimited email warmup and unlimited contact storage.
  • Agency plan at $166 per month: A plan made for agencies where they can add unlimited clients and do outreach for them.

8) Smartlead


Smartlead is a leading sales cadence software that offers a wide range of cutting-edge features including optimizing your email deliverability, engagement, and campaign success.

One standout quality feature is the AI warmup capability, which ensures your emails don’t land in the spam folder and achieve high deliverability rates. By simulating natural activities and generating smart and timely replies, Smartlead boosts response rates and enhances customer retention.

The AI writing feature is another strong suit of Smartlead. It not only helps your emails bypass spam filters but also automatically marks them as important, increasing the chances of getting noticed by recipients.


  • Ensure your emails land in your leads’ primary inboxes with the help of high-delivery IP servers.
  • Simplify your email management by centralizing all your emails in one place, eliminating the need for complex email routing.
  • Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of all your customer messages, enabling you to maintain context and effectively engage with your leads.


  • The Basic Plan, priced at $34 per month, is an ideal choice for marketers and scale-up businesses looking to meet their needs.
  • For marketers and scale-up businesses, the Pro Plan at $79 per month offers a comprehensive solution.

9) Salesloft


Salesloft is a sales cadence platform primarily designed for large teams. It particularly offers advanced capabilities to effectively send prospecting cadences and engage with your target audience.

With this tool, you can effortlessly create multi-step campaigns that adhere to your desired schedule, ensuring consistent outreach. Additionally, every interaction, whether a reply or action, is automatically logged in your CRM, providing a comprehensive view of prospect engagement.

Salesloft also has a coaching tool that offers valuable suggestions on the most effective next steps based on prospect engagement with you and your team. 


  • Effortlessly connect with cold prospects by sending automated sales cadences tailored to maximize engagement.
  • Ensure seamless coordination between your sales activities and CRM as all interactions are automatically synced for comprehensive tracking and streamlined workflows.
  • Leverage the power of AI-based sales coaching, which provides valuable insights and recommendations on the most effective next steps to optimize your sales process.


Salesloft offers three pricing plans – Essentials, Advanced, and Premier. However, you would have to request their sales team for a quote.

10) Yesware


Yesware is a robust sales cadence platform that effortlessly tracks and analyzes the engagement of each prospect with your emails. Once your sales cadence is prepared, you can conveniently schedule it for delivery, and Yesware will handle sending it to all the prospects in your list.

In case of non-response, the tool initiates ab automatic follow-ups. Beyond regular email cadences, Yesware also facilitates managing multi-channel outreach campaigns. You can set reminders to send personalized InMails on LinkedIn or make targeted cold calls.

To ensure the accuracy of phone numbers in your prospect records, it is recommended to use a phone number validator when incorporating cold calling into your cadence. This will help you avoid wasting time on non-existent numbers.


  • Allows personalization in your sales email cadences through dynamic mail merges and customizable attributes
  • Seamlessly integrate Yesware with your Salesforce CRM and other widely used sales tools to streamline your workflow and enhance productivity
  • Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your email cadences by tracking email link clicks and other key metrics


  • Pro: Priced at $15 per seat per month, this plan is designed to cater to solo sales professionals and small businesses.
  • Premium: Available at $35 per seat per month, the Premium plan is tailored for scaling sales teams in high-growth companies.
  • Enterprise: Priced at $65 per seat per month, the Enterprise plan is ideal for powerhouse sales teams that utilize Salesforce CRM.
  • Custom Plan: If you require a personalized plan or a pilot program to meet your specific needs, we are ready to work with you in creating a customized solution

There you have them all! 

These are by far the best sales cadence tools that provide a wide range of features and capabilities to help you streamline your sales process, engage with prospects effectively, and drive revenue growth. 

Now you have the list. But how can you choose the best one from the list that perfectly aligns with your specific needs? 

We are here to assist you in making the right decision

Let us see what factors you should consider for selecting the ideal sales cadence tool in our next section.

So, how to choose the best sales cadence software?

As you strive to craft a winning sales strategy, finding the right sales cadence tool becomes a pivotal step toward achieving success. But not every tool we have mentioned above will fit your needs.

So how will you identify which one to choose?

To help you with your confusion, here are some of the factors that you can take into consideration. By carefully assessing these aspects and aligning them with your specific requirements, you can confidently select a sales cadence tool that best serves you.

Here are three critical factors that you should definitely consider while choosing the best sales cadence software:

1) The features it offers

Look for scheduling capabilities to automate communication timing, follow-up automation to ensure no opportunity is missed, and personalization features for tailored messaging. Additionally, evaluate the user experience, integrations, analytics, and other relevant features.

2) Your budget, your priorities

Every business wants to maximize its return on investment (ROI) while staying within budgetary constraints. Finding a sales cadence tool that aligns with your budget allows you to allocate your resources effectively and ensure that you’re getting the most value for your money.

3) The ease of use

The ideal tool should offer a user-friendly experience, intuitive navigation, and a well-designed interface that simplifies your workflow. A tool that is easy to use allows you to focus on what matters most in sales – connecting with prospects, building relationships, and closing deals. 

Selecting the right sales cadence tool is a decision that can greatly impact your sales effectiveness and productivity. 

By considering the factors mentioned above, you can narrow down your options and find a tool that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

But how about we simplify this further for you?

Talking about the right tools, one sales cadence tool that can revolutionize your sales outreach activities is Saleshandy! 

It is an ideal tool for automating your follow-ups, enhancing personalization, and improving your overall sales performance. 

How? Let’s find out 👇

Why is Saleshandy the ideal solution for your sales cadence requirements?

Saleshandy simplifies your sales process by equipping you with powerful features, automation capabilities, and actionable insights — all aimed at driving your sales efforts to new heights of success. 

Imagine you already have a list of leads ready to be reached out to. With Saleshandy, you can seamlessly import and feed that list into the system, getting you started on your automated outreach journey in no time.

Here are some features that make Saleshandy your ideal sales cadence tool.

  • Personalization: You can create highly personalized and relevant email messages by leveraging merge tags and spintax capabilities in Saleshandy. This personal touch enhances your chances of capturing the recipient’s attention and driving better results for your cold email campaigns.
  • Email verification:  Saleshandy’s verification eliminates invalid, misconfigured, and temporary email addresses. You increase the chances of reaching the right people, making communication more effective. This targeted approach saves you time and resources by focusing on genuinely interested prospects. 
  • Automation & Scheduling: Saleshandy offers robust automation capabilities, including features like automated follow-ups, email tracking, and more. It lets you plan and schedule your outreach efforts strategically, minimizing the time and energy required to scale your outreach.
  • Deliverability: Saleshandy provides you with a set of tools to implement email deliverability strategies. It includes features like email ramp-up, custom domain tracking, bounce guard, etc. Email deliverability ensures that emails reach the intended recipients’ primary inboxes.
  • Sender Rotation: Saleshandy scales your outreach with Sender Rotation effectively. It helps you connect multiple email accounts to your sequence with higher prospects, resulting in higher deliverability without much effort.

  • Unified inbox: Saleshandy’s Unified Inbox manages all the replies from prospects in a single dashboard, saving you the hassle of switching between multiple email accounts. It makes it easy for you to track the prospect’s pipeline and streamline your further outreaches.

  • Sequence Score: The Sequence Score feature in Saleshandy allows you to fix potential issues with outreach beforehand of all the requirements related to configuration, email setup, and email copies to get you high results and outcomes.

  • Prospects outcome: Prospect Outcome enhances deal flow management and extends Unified Inbox’s capability. You can assign stages to your leads through the conversations received and focus on high-value sales through a synchronized workflow.

On top of this Saleshandy also allows you to add unlimited team members, promoting seamless teamwork and efficient collaboration.

This ensures everyone in your team is on the same page and working towards your sales goals together.

With Saleshandy by your side, you can now confidently navigate your sales journey and achieve remarkable results. Whatever your needs be, Saleshandy is here to help! 🤝

Concluding Words

The sales cadence tools mentioned above serve as valuable assets to enhance your outreach processes and initiate meaningful conversations with potential clients. But the tool alone does not guarantee results. 

Ultimately, the effectiveness of your outreach hinges on two critical factors: the quality of your prospect list and the personalization of your outreach efforts for each recipient. Saleshandy offers you the best of both worlds.

As a sales cadence tool it simplifies your outreach process and ensures that you can focus on connecting with your potential clients at the right time and intent. By leveraging Saleshandy’s capabilities you can overcome the challenges of sales cadence and improve the effectiveness of your outreach.

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